Baptismal Q`S asked in the year 1960 ,anyone ? Contrasted to what Q`s they ask now

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  • Finkelstein

    Yes the WTS added into the baptism of being a Christian, the making of a personal vow to be subservient to the WTS, a corrupt lying religious publishing house and its top GB leaders (FDSL).

    This is what Jesus thinks of this

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    For clarification of my earlier post since I am unable to edit:

    At first glance, I was thinking of preparatory questions between the Bible teacher and/or a congregation servant (pre-elder arrangement) and the student before the big day.

  • Earnest

    The 1967 book Your Word is a Lamp to my Foot listed 80 questions to be discussed prior to baptism with the congregation overseer and (possibly) other members of the congregation committee / mature brothers.

    These questions were :

    • Who is the true God ?
    • What kind of God is Jehovah ?
    • What does the Bible mean when it says that Jehovah requires our exclusive devotion ?
    • How will Jehovah God sanctify his name ? How can we have a share in it ?
    • Who is Jesus Christ ?
    • What is Jesus' position in relation to Jehovah God ?
    • Why did Jesus die a sacrificial death ?
    • How is the ransom an expression of God's love for mankind ?
    • How does the ransom affect us as individuals ?
    • What is the holy spirit ?
    • How can we benefit from the operation of that spirit today ?
    • Whose ideas are recorded in the Bible ? Does that mean that God personally spoke or wrote it all ? Is all of it true ?
    • Why should we pray ?
    • To whom should we pray ?
    • About what is it proper to pray ?
    • What is the kingdom of God ?
    • When Christ returns, is it visibly as a man, or how ?
    • How can people know when his second presence takes place ?
    • What does it mean to 'seek first the kingdom' ?
    • What is God's purpose for the earth ?
    • How will this purpose be realized ?
    • What conditions will prevail on earth in God's new system of things ?
    • What is the urgent work that the Bible sets out for all Christians at this time ?
    • In what manner is this work to be done ?
    • Is this work done in our own strength ?
    • Why are Christians called Jehovah's witnesses ?
    • Who or what is the "faithful and discreet slave" ?
    • Why is it beneficial to attend the meetings arranged by the congregation ?
    • Why is personal study important in the life of a Christian ?
    • Who is the Devil ? What is his origin ?
    • Against what spiritistic practices employed by the Devil and his demons does the Bible warn us ?
    • How can we protect ourselves against the influence of these wicked spirits ?
    • Why has God permitted wickedness to continue until now ?
    • By what means will God destroy the wicked ?
    • What is the human soul ? Can it die ?
    • What is sin ?
    • How did we all become sinners ?
    • Is there any human who is not a sinner ?
    • What should be our attitude toward the committing of sins ?
    • What is death ?
    • Why do people die ?
    • What future hope for life is there for one who dies ?
    • How many from among mankind will be in heaven with Christ ?
    • What will they do there ?
    • Are Christians under the law covenant with its requirements of sabbath keeping and sacrifice ?
    • Why must lying be avoided ?
    • What is the Christian view of stealing ?
    • What is the Christian view of drunkenness ?
    • What is God's law concerning blood ?
    • What does the Bible say about such practices as fornication, adultery and sexual relations with another person of the same sex ? May a person who is engaging in such practices be baptized ?
    • Why is moral cleanness of all persons in Jehovah's organization important to every one of us ?
    • What action does the congregation take when a person in its midst proves himself to be a persistent and unrepentant violator of God's commandments ?
    • If a person in weakness commits a serious sin, but he wants help to be restored to Jehovah's favor, what action should he take ?
    • What Christian quality should outstandingly characterize our relationship with our spiritual brothers and with the members of our own families ?
    • In God's arrangement of things, who is the head of a married woman ?
    • Is the wife whose husband is not a believer freed from his headship ?
    • Who is responsible before God for the training and disciplining of children ?
    • May a Christian have more than one living marriage mate ?
    • What is the only Scriptural basis for divorce that frees one to remarry ?
    • Is it necessary for persons who are living together as husband and wife to have their marriage legally registered with the government ?
    • What is the fruitage of the spirit ?
    • Is it reasonable to expect a Christian to manifest this fruitage in his life ?
    • Does that mean we will be able to do this perfectly ?
    • How should Christians view the shortcomings of fellow believers ?
    • When personal difficulties arise between individuals, what is the Christian way to correct the situation ?
    • What does the Bible say about sharing with other religious groups in worship or any of the other activities in which they engage ?
    • What is the only religious celebration that Christians are commanded to observe ?
    • What Bible principles should guide us in determining whether other celebrations that are popular in the community are acceptable for Christians ?
    • Whom does the Bible identify as the "ruler of the world" and "the god of this system of things" ?
    • What is the position of Christians as to this world ?
    • What was Jesus' attitude toward all participation in the political affairs of the world ?
    • How do Bible commands concerning idolatry affect a Christian in this modern world ?
    • In the light of the following texts [Isa. 2:2-4; John 17:16; 2 Cor. 10:3, 4; Rom. 13:8-10; Matt. 26:52; 1 Cor. 7:23], what is the position of a true Christian in this world ?
    • Is it necessary for a Christian to be subject to worldly rulers and to show them respect ?
    • Must a Christian pay all the taxes demanded by law ?
    • Is there any circumstance under which a Christian would not obey the law ?
    • Why are true Christians persecuted ?
    • What are some factors to consider in determining whether certain types of employment are proper for Christians ?
    • What should always be our attitude toward the doing of Jehovah's will ?
    • Why should one who has made a dedication to God be baptized ?
  • zeb

    1973. I was with others changing before the event and a bro came in asked; "Anyone here being B for the second time?" Two of us indicated and he left. ? Lots of shrugged shoulders. I cant speak for the other guy but I had been b into the Church of Christ some years before but the investigator never asked that nor did anyone else prior....

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