Ohhhh I got Mother's Day Early! *smile*

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  • MrMoe

    I woke up this morning, looked over, and saw a white peice of paper laying next to me. Emma drew me a picture, crept into my room, and laid it next to me while I slept. When she came in, she shouted "Happy Mother's Day!" Goofybutt I told her, Mother's Day is tomorrow! And we laughed and played for a good half an hour. God, I am so lucky. Here is the picture she drew. Isn't it just the cutest?

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Thats a cute pic Moe. I miss having the kids artwork on the fridge. I guess I can look forward to Makayla bring her Grampy and Nana stuff soon though. This will be my first year having to buy two mothersday presents, one for Sheila and one for Melanie. Sheila's was easy, I got her all the stuff she needs to set up a dark room here at the house. I'm not sure what to get Melanie though, any suggestions? I don't know what to get a daughter for mothersday.


  • MrMoe

    Hmmmm, well, does she have a hobby? What are her favorite things? If she is into art and creative things, maybe some art or pottery classes and supplies or something. Gee, I am terrible at suggestions. All women love to be pampered and have a break, you could go that route. Myself personally am very simple, so if a get-away was more you thing, I would love a small weekend camping trip at a State Park and a weekend of walking nature trails and bonfires.

  • Mulan

    That is so great, Amanda.

    I miss having the kids artwork on the fridge.

    When we remodeled the kitchen in March, I took all the grandkid's artwork off the frig, and put it in a box, to move the frig out. After we finished, I never put things back on the frig, thinking it would be nice to look plain. Well...............two of my grandkids thought it looked too plain, so made me lots of pictures to brighten it up. Now, it looks normal again.

  • SixofNine

    That's sweet Amanda. I have a feeling that if you like the way Emma draws you, you'd love the way I could draw you.

    While you're giving suggestions, what would be a good M/day gift for an ex-wife? (humorous replies welcome, although I am going to do something or buy something nice for her).

  • JH

    That's cute, when a child makes a drawing like that. It's not the talent but the intent that counts. I wish you and every mom on this board a very happy mother's day.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If I may, I'd like to mention a great on-line store for art-related pursuits: FLAX!


    Have fun!

  • Mulan
    While you're giving suggestions, what would be a good M/day gift for an ex-wife?

    You can't miss with flowers and chocolates!

    Go to Barnes and Noble, and look around. I was there the other day and they had some really good book ideas for Mother's Day.

    Hallmark shops have really neat things too, and not expensive. Picture frames are always good. I can't seem to get enough of those. I run out of walls.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I suppose small appliances are out of the question?

    I think I'll get her a day spa package and take Makayla for the day. How does that sound?


  • Shakita

    Oh God, that is such a cute picture!!! I love the rainbow and the sun with the smiley face!!! There is lots of love in that picture!

    Here is a Mother's Day card my daughter made for me in school this week:

    She gave it to me with these gifts...a beautiful candle...

    and a pin cushion that she made herself!...

    I am so lucky to have such great kids!

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

    Mrs. Shakita

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