Advanced Warning I - WT August 2016 "Study" articles re "Reaching Out"

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  • darkspilver

    Hi zeb!

    "These Jehovah witness elders are shown themselves to be woefully ignorant of standard practices in the real world, seriously unprepared for the hearings, completely lacking in compassion for the victim and untrained to be real shepherds and all have consistently poor memories."

    Australian Royal Commission.

    all the ARC stuff is online isn't it, I've looked, but can't find the above quote - where did you find it?

    Was it said by the ARC Chair, or in one of the submissions / statements made at the ARC, rather than by the ARC?

    I'm not disagreeing with the quote, just wondering with how it's presented


    Any update on where the quote is from that you gave above?

    All the ARC stuff is online - transcripts, submissions etc - so can you give a link please


  • LongHairGal


    You got that right and I like your name!

    Yep, they should all run for their lives from this soul-sucking, exploitative, nasty little religion. I would also add the word 'vacuum'. How can anybody there think they have truth? This is a nightmare.

    In my case, I wasn't born-in but made the mistake of joining...I was deceived, however. But, I got the hell out and am still running.

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