Did You Feel Special Because You Were An Elder or Friend or Family Of?

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  • minimus

    For many families, they received the golden ticket once a family member became an elder. The glory and admiration of being an elder seeped right thru to all the elder’s connections. If you got into some trouble, having an elder friend or relative could give you the stay out of jail card. If you were looking for recognition, being an elder or being closely associated with an elder could give you some extra points.

    It’s amazing to know what Holy Spirit can do to help you in times of need with these “gifts in men”!

  • James Jack
  • Rocketman123

    Aww the the power of holy pretentiousness and hypocrisy

  • FedUpJW

    No, but then my father was 180° opposite from what the typical elder was and still is.

    I have made a number of comments about him so I won't re-hash them, other than to say that if I were twice the man I am I would still be only half the man he was. I miss you dad.

  • truth_b_known

    Growing up my father was both an elder and the presiding overseer. I can't begin the list of normal activities that were alright for other Witness kids, but not for me because of my "father's position in the congregation." My father also professes to be of the Annointed. I didn't even know until I was almost through elementary school and my friends told me. That would present my father and our whole family with problems down the road.

    Just before I started high school my father moved the family to another state. The presiding overseer of our future congregation saw my father as a threat. This man went around warning certain families in our future congregation and advised them not to associate with us.

    My father was appointed an elder in the new congregation. That lasted about 2 years. Then my father stepped down as an elder. He was told he was going against the rest of the body, who are loyal to the presiding overseer. My father saw the writing on the wall. He new he would be removed sooner than later if he didn't step down.

    This caused my father to move us to the other congregation in town. Same Hall, same problems, different faces. About 2 years later that congregation had 3 elders who had it out for my father. My father was disfellowshipped, which they never told him what the reason was for, but would tell other "for apostasy." My mother was told to expect no help from the elders other than taking we children out in field service on Saturday mornings.

    All through this time and after high school I noticed many people would only associate with my family and I. As a young adult I noticed no single sisters would entertain the thought of being in a relationship with me. When my sister's future husband purposed marriage to her, his parents went through the roof. "What are you thinking marrying into that family!"

    So, no. I never once experienced any sort of preferential treatment due to my father being an elder.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    My experience was that anointed ones were viewed as crackpots most of the time. Sorry you had to go through that TBK.

  • minimus

    Truth, very interesting perspective! I can see it all happening. Plus as was noted, if someone said they had the heavenly calling, they were often viewed as weirdos.

  • truth_b_known

    My father told me about a decade later that he new it was going to happen sooner-than-later. My father told me that just before we moved out of state a Circuit Overseer was assigned to our Circuit that had a reputation for going after those who professed to be of the Annointed. About a decade after we moved we got a District Overseer assigned to us we had in the prior state. That District Overseer made trouble for my father.

    I had to conduct my Book Study almost all the time because the conductor was going to the local prison to conduct their meeting. I was told by him that the District Overseer told our body of elders not to use my father for anything. Not even to read at the Book Study. No explanation was given to the body of elders.

    How I ever stayed in as a Witness as long as I did still blows my mind.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was an adult convert appointed fairly young. I just thought an elder was what Jehovah wanted me to be. I was so gung-ho.

    I did notice right away that elders family members got in less trouble, it was often hushed up. I was invited to ALL gatherings. I knew why.

  • minimus

    Truth, did your father lose his zeal for the Witnesses? He was constantly barraged with mean judgmental people.

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