Watchtower January 2022 The Memorial

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  • FFGhost

    I love these types of articles.

    "All of those who who partake of the emblems nowadays are deluded fools or insane or emotionally disturbed. Except we 8 on the GB, of course, we're all perfectly normal."

  • Rafe

    Good point FFGhost

  • DesirousOfChange

    I find it interesting how differently I look at these things now. In the past I would have consumed this article and read it multiple times so as to have a grasp on the "understanding" of the deeper troofs. Then, after discovering TTATT, I would still make efforts to stay informed about changes in doctrine, policy, etc. But, now, I can barely get through reading the posted comments here. It is all just soo ridiculous now IMO. It certainly has no bearing on our life any longer.

  • Rafe

    The persistent problem with the WTS/Jworg. GB men is that many of their doctrines are not supported in the bible, but then again that's the reason why they discourage people to read the bible on its own.

    True and honest interpretation has to come from them and them alone.

  • waton
    They claim that both of these covenants opened up the way for a small number to become Kings and Priests in heaven. I don't think they've been so specific about this before.

    L. They never clearly mentioned the function of the new covenant as being for "forgiveness of sin" in their memorial talks, and surreptitiously slipped in the "Kingdom covenant" as being symbolized by the emblems. not so. biut

    of course you can't go to heaven soiled with your humanity, but wt denied the ransom symbols to almost all jws by erroneously claiming the bread and wine substituted for personal sacrifice, the axing of your head. Rev. 20.

    all should partake, only few will use the freedom to levitate.

  • asp59

    The disclaimer in big words should be used top of page in every watchtower " we are not inspired and not perfect. So we could error in biblical arragments and understanding"

  • Jeffro


    However they've always said the 144000 would be "kings and priests with Jesus", I'm sure of that.

    Pity the Bible doesn’t actually say that.

    What does the Bible really teach about the 144,000?
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    They also write that once in Heaven, they will be serving alongside Jesus and that they are co-rulers.

    Imagine it, you're not only born into this world without any choice in the matter but you're born into the JW religion or become one on you own. Eventually you get a "heavenly calling" and you're "anointed". Without any choice in the matter, you've got to spent all eternity co-ruling with Jesus as a sexless spirit creature. You've got a job for all eternity when everyone else gets to live in paradise like they're Adam and Eve. Why is this a good thing?

    "Keep doing this in remembrance of me" means "show up and watch but don't partake of anything because the new covenant in my body and blood is not for you"???

    The afternoon before the last memorial we ran into an uber JW relative (elder). He asked if we had our wine and bread ready for the zoom memorial, if not...he had some extra he could give us. He knew full well that we don't attend anymore but it was his way of letting us know how "spiritual" he is.

    It was all I could do to keep from saying.. " The wine and bread are emblems...symbols. You aren't of the anointed so why can't you just view the wine and bread on zoom when the talk is given and leave it at that? Isn't remembering Jesus sacrifice the important thing? Weren't Jesus apostles the only ones at the actual observance ? Weren't the rank and file outside? What are you going to do with that wine and bread after the memorial, just throw it out or will you drink it or eat it ? If the bread and wine are actually significant or of great import, throwing it out would be disrespectful and drinking/ eating it would be wrong if you aren't of the anointed. would have been a waste of my breath. He's a nice guy but has really bad critical thinking skills as is evidenced by the personal blunders he's made in his own life in terms of finances and raising his kids. Can't imagine him dishing out advice or making life altering decisions regarding the fate or congregation members.

  • waton

    Reading this wt work of art, I am sure the writing committee knows that the Corporation is in deep trouble over the covenant and partyaking / everlasting life business.

    par 2 "keep doing this" but at the last supper all partook, and none of them was anointed, even Jesus, who was, expressed earthly hope wording. ( drinking wine in heaven, again? )

    Par 4, asserting that Jesus "concluded" 2 covenants at the Last Supper, by saying he "spoke of 2 covenants"

    Jesus had earlier, in Mat 19:28 promised them to " sit on 12 thrones, judging the 12 Tribes of Israel" in response to their anxiety over how the sacrifices of "service" were to be recompensed.

    At the last supper again Jesus rolled out the kingdom promise,/covenant to assuage their ansciety as to whom was to be the greatest,

    This fight of theirs, the kingdom promise was not part of the last supper/memorial celebration, ceremony . but

    wt writers put the Kingdom covenant beginning with a Capital letter , the all important new covenant pushed into near obscurity, de-emphasised, blending into the text.

    The scriptures consistently speak of the blood/wine, bread / flesh as the NEW COVENANT symbols.

    By these tactics, wt shows they knows now, that they have deceived the R&F by this switch, denying them the public act of accepting the ransom.

    You think the overlapping group is funny, wait until wt has to come clean on this.

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