A problem for believers

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  • Bugbear

    A problem for believers!

    A majority of the world’s population acknowledge that they believe in a superior God or in their creator. They also claim that they have got this special understanding and knowledge of his will and his law. None of these religious people can however proof that their God actual exists. Or no one of them can actually disproof the existence of the others God. So everyone with a religion claims that either Jehovah, or Elohim, or Allah, or Vishnu or Zeus or Oden or Thor or…….. is the real creator or the superior God whose law must be obeyed. This due to the fact that they know “it´s God’s law or will”.. This will boil down to every individual church leader, every pastor or publisher, or mullah, or individual person. So if I claim that my God is Oden, and say obey Oden because I know him and his words, and he will destroy you if you don´t …..I can in no way say that my thoughts are wiser, more intelligent or better than your thoughts…

    The problem is universal….. almost every religion has people, missionaries, priest’s, publishers, popes, bishops that claim that their interpretation of Gods will is the only that their imaginary God is accepting… How stupid to believe that only you have the wisdom of God….!

  • David_Jay

    You may be describing religion based on your experience with Jehovah's Witnesses. Not all religions believe they have a special, unique, and/or exclusive on truth or even c!aim to worship a deity.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have taught us many untruths about religion which upon leaving the Watchtower we might forget to dismiss with the other doctrines of the Governing Body. For instance, claims made by the Witnesses that the Roman Catholic Church says it's interpretation of things is the only one is false. Especially since Vatican II and even as recent as 2015 the Holy See has taught that revelation from God is not exclusive to either the Catholic Church or Christianity in general.

    Also in 2015 Orthodox rabbis from around the world formally stated that Jesus is part of God's plan to unite people of different religious views and cultures to find common ground in working for the betterment of humanity.

    In 1999 Catholics and Protestants of the Lutheran traditions ended their debate regarding the issues raised by Martin Luther in the Reformation, with Pope Francis just this year recognizing Luther as part of God's plan to bring about unity in Christianity.

    Some religions like Buddhism and Taoism are godless. And the religion of my people, Judaism, does not teach that people must worship the God of Abraham or even believe God exists in order to be moral and have a blessed life now and even in the world to come. That's right, theism and religion are not necessary to enter the future Jews hope for.

    While I definitely do not advocate religion as the panacea or requisite for humanity, one can still have an accurate view of religion while rejecting it. But to do so, one must step away from the prejudices and bigotry the Watchtower programs into people about religion.

  • the-Question

    " None of these religious people can however proof that their God actual exists."

    As in a courtroom, often the facts have little bearing.

    Yet I CAN prove both; but it sounds like you would never even CONSIDER the facts.

  • tepidpoultry

    I worship Flying Spaghetti Monster


  • Bugbear

    Thanks David for commenting on my humble philosophical thoughts…

    Don’t the Jewish claim that Israel is their by God “given land”`?

  • Bugbear

    The question..

    I do have consider the facts,,,, and the facts make me somewhat confused…. Not all these religious groups, in fact, none of them that I know of, have proven any proof for the existence of any God. In fact it 99 out of 100 MUST be wrong… And if there is 1 on them that actually is right…Why is it so difficult for this “cult” to prove they are right?


    I will eagerly consider your proposition “Flying Spaghetti Monster”,,,,,I have heard of this God from a very noble man; Bertrand Russel, Who I do consider as a very intelligent and philosophical human being…

  • tepidpoultry
  • tepidpoultry

    Ah Bugbear,

    A man after my own heart,

    We'll have to have Celestial Tea sometime

    Invite Epicureous along

    And of course Cofty


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Some thoughts on your comments Bugbear. You mention that a majority of people are religious believers and indeed that is true... but 51% would make a majority.

    In a world survey in 2015 by Win /Gallup interviewing nearly 64000 people it was found that only 63% are now religious.

    Among the least educated the figure is 80% believing in God.

    I don't know where you live but in the UK and western Europe the fascination with God is conspicuously less than in the USA.

    The figures I read were 4.7% of people in England attend church, In USA 40% are attenders but only 20% on a weekly basis.

  • tepidpoultry

    To answer your question

    They all employ faith based reasoning

    If hard evidence disagrees with their belief system

    They create ridiculous rationalisms so they can hold on to their beliefs

    Look at tree rings that show Earth was here for MORE than 6000 years

    The Devil put them there

    What can you do?

    Try not to think about it too much


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