ISIS Want to Clear up Why They Do Terrorism

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  • freemindfade
    No one had suggested genocide. I say kill them (the terrorists) when they are in the open and demand that cover not be provided to them when they are not. If a mosque turns out to be harbouring and allowing radicalism, then bulldoze it down. There is far too much treating the muslim religion as untouchable - it shouldn't be, especially if it can't keep it's house in order.


    1. Its inside out, the radical element is at the spiritual center of the religion, unlike Christianity where the extreme has moved to the fringe with the central church being mostly benign. You cannot compare Christianity and Islam at this point in history. Its ludicrous.
    2. SJW's have gone so far left they have made the religion a race. The passive part of the religion needs to be embarassed by their text and come up with something that disarms it, not just screaming "that's not Islam!!!" because according to their book it 100% IS ISLAM.
    3. I agree with everything Bill Maher has to say on this matter, he has the balls to say what other liberals won't. Liberals need to stand with the actual reformers and not be enablers who keep dismissing criticism by throwing out the word “Islamophobe.”
  • Vidiot
    "...we will never stop hating you until you embrace Islam..."

    Yeah, that's gonna inspire mass Muslim conversions around the world...

    Credit where credit's due, though...

    ...that's the most comprehensive and articulate "f**k you" I've ever read... :smirk:

  • Caedes

    Social justice warrior - that has never sounded like much of an insult although it does give an idea of the mindset of someone who thinks it is.

    Bill Maher - the antivaccine crank? I don't pay attention to antiscience nuts.

    Personally, I say treat the terrorists like terrorists and the ones who aren't the same as any other person who isn't a terrorist. People usually have to be proven guilty rather than just making an assumption.

    In other news religious people are never going to be embarrassed by their holy book (and whatever violence and bigotry it contains) whether it is the koran or the bible or the book of mormon. What you might be able to do is alter hearts and minds so that problematic parts are downplayed and no longer form part of the message. This has worked by and large with most christians who tend not to focus on the slavery, murder and summary execution sections. That isn't going to work if you are just going to portray all muslims as either terrorists or as sympathisers.

    I recently traveled to Tehran and the thing that most people wanted to do was talk to me, introduce themselves and find out what I thought of Iran.

  • freemindfade
    Bill Maher - the antivaccine crank? I don't pay attention to antiscience nuts.

    I didn't say his thoughts on anything else, just on this nonsense.

    That isn't going to work if you are just going to portray all muslims as either terrorists or as sympathisers.

    True all Muslims are not terrorist but the overwhelming number of terrorists around the world are in fact MUSLIM.

    Islam has a problem, the longer Islam its self doesn't deal with it, the more at fault they are for its atrocities. I apologize to no one for insulting ANY religion, especially Islam, if that hurts anyone's feeling I don't give a shit.

    The fact that people get so worked up over anyone who would dare criticize it is a HUUUUUUGE indicator of how f-cked up it is.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Actually it was Simon who I quoted - you misquoted him.

    Simon wrote the words they need to die (i.e. terrorists). It was crystal clear from the context what Simon meant. You misquoted him by writing the words they all need to die - then, inexplicably, wondered whether all Muslims needed to die and why.

    Not good ...

  • LoveUniHateExams

    So have christians, I assume that you don't take the same extreme view about christian extremists? - you assume incorrectly. I take the same view about Christian extremists, i.e. I believe Christian extremists to be Christians. Not typical Christians, or mainstream Christians, but Christians nonetheless. If they shout Bible verses, or "praise Jesus!" whilst they commit crimes, then I'd say that their religious beliefs motivated them.

    What about them [Abu Sayyaf]? Have I claimed that western foreign policy is to blame for all terrorism? No, I said it was a contributing factor in the example I gave. - please answer my question. Thank you.

    Please don't misquote me again - I didn't misquote you. I actually agreed with you that disastrous Western foreign policy is a contributing factor to the situation.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ISIS in Syria/Iraq has lots of fighters flooding there from all corners of the globe. The ISIS wannabes either have a certain religious background or are new converts to a certain religion.

    Which religion is this?

  • freemindfade

    I love when the media tries to play off attacks like "there is no link to a terrorist organization..." as the person was screaming god is great and had made it clear they are all about jihad.

    The link to them all is the Quran!!

    Bottom line, the Quran commands you to kill unbelievers. And people still take it serious. How many Jewish stonings are happening each week?? hmmm none.

    The quran and bible are equal dangerous texts, but whats going on in the world you cannot honestly say the followers of each are equally as dangerous. Google the terrorist attacks in the name of Islam in the world just this year, it is utterly staggering.

  • freemindfade

    And I don't think Bill is a typical "antivaccer". Yea I believe he expressed some beliefs about the flu shot. Personally I feel its over pushed as well. I am by no means an anti vaccine person either, but I never get my flu shot. Not because I am against it, I just believe it comes with a lot of hype. If I was older or immune compromised I would always get one, but I'm not. Working in the pharmaceutical industry I know he is talking about when it comes to the pushing for financial reason. I think his beef is more with the industry than the vaccines themselves.

    he is not against all vaccines but believes that being vaccinated for any and all illnesses represents a slippery slope and could damage our natural immune systems. But again, what does it have to do with the price of tea in Mecca???

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I recently traveled to Tehran and the thing that most people wanted to do was talk to me, introduce themselves and find out what I thought of Iran - did you discuss with them homosexuality in Iran and the death penalty?

    Did you tell them how homophobic you thought Iran was?

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