ISIS Want to Clear up Why They Do Terrorism

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  • cofty

    Ruby, is it safe to assume you are commenting on an article you didn't bother to read?

    You can download it here...

    Climate change also comes into it

    Your self-delusion is painful.

  • Ruby456

    how do you know I did not download it from somewhere else that I trust? assumptions make an ass of about delusions

  • cofty

    I didn't assume, I asked you a question.

    Your response makes the answer obvious.

  • Ruby456

    another ass.......umption

  • Nobodyspecial

    Its beyond foolish to question whether or not islamic would have arrisen without foreign involvment in the middle east. This book,, does a fantastic job tracing much modern islamic extremism to the volcanic eruption of krakatoa. Well worth a read although the rise of militant islam is only a small facet of the book.

  • Ruby456

    lol nobodyspecial.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, cofty.

    Would ISIS even exist if it wasn't for the Iraq War? - in actual fact, ISIS did. The organisation that became ISIS was started up by Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi in 1999. He had asked Bin Ladin for some money to start his own extremist group.

    This means that in 1999, there were at least three Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East - Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Zarqawi's group.

    It's funny, ISIS members tell us why they do what they do, and the West pretends to know better. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has a doctorate in Islamic studies, and declares that Islam is violent. Barack Obama knows f**k all about Islam and insists it's a religion of peace. This is a debate that must take place within politics and within the Muslim community. Of course, the most important thing is to wipe out all jihadis (the only good jihadi is a dead jihadi - recently, a jihadi from one of the US-backed 'moderate' rebel groups beheaded a 12 year old Syrian boy).

    Caitlyn Jenner, despite having XY chromosomes and fathering children, is allowed to self-identify as woman. But when terrorists say they do what they do because of their religious beliefs, what's the West's response? "You ain't no Muslim, bruv ..."

  • Caedes

    If the problem is Islam itself and to quote 'they just need to die' does that mean the answer is the mass slaughter of muslims? If not why not?

    My second question is why do ISIS kill muslims? Given that their reason to fight is listed rather simplistically as because they want everyone to be muslim and that they kill more muslims than anyone else it would seem to me that they are sending very mixed messages.

    The other problem is that of course not everyone fights for the same reason or with the same level of understanding of the conflict. A western convert is not going to have the same view as an unemployed local from Afghanistan or someone in a leadership position within ISIS.

    Whilst I have always accepted that ISIS hate western liberal societies I can also accept that western involvement in the middle east is a contributing factor as is the fact that huge disparities in wealth in the middle east help ISIS recruit. As ever life and politics are not black and white.

    The answer to this issue is not going to be won by just more bombs and guns, but that statement doesn't mean that more bombs and gun aren't needed at all. You can attack a problem from more than one direction.

  • cofty

    ISIS kill Muslims because they are the wrong sort of Muslims. Same reason JWs call themselves xtians but they despise other xtians

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Why does Isis do terrorism? Their own answer: we hate you because you're not Muslims. Everything else is a secondary cause.

    So, bringing the question and answer to an arena we all know very well:

    • Why do JW preach? Because they love their neighbors and God.
    • Why do JW shun? Because they want to uphold God's law, and it's loving.
    • Why do JW refuse blood? Because blood is sacred. Only Jesus' blood can save lives.

    Ask them if Watchtower commanding them to to all this has anything to do with it. Of course not, they'll say.

    Even their own magazines state the reasons why they do these crazy things.

    Yet we know better. They would do none of all that if not for being coerced and fooled into obeying Watchtower.

    Should we take propaganda from Watchterrorist and Allahwake! at face value then? No. The Isis magazine can be expected to be just as wrong as JW literature.

    So, why do Isis do terrorism? My guess: because a relatively small group of powerhungry, religious idiots have 'brainwashed' others into believing they hate non-muslims for being non-muslims only...and not because they were told to hate them by the Governing Terrorist of the day.

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