Article - Wales - Daily Post: 'Sly' Anglesey Jehovah's Witness preacher jailed for sex with a child

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  • AndersonsInfo

    A poster on a FB page wrote two separate comments today regarding Daniel Arthington:

    I was in ----------- Congregation with him for 10 years before he moved. He is a charmer with a sick inside hurtful personality. He caused so much trouble to so many lives. In the end he was caught out by his own arrogance.

    He is sly, manipulative, not a man to trust and has a nasty streak in him that I have seen. He also cheated on his wife way back in 2004 and the elders gave him a little slap on the wrists. He is NOT a good man.

  • Listener

    I can only imagine how the girl was treated by the Elders since they were dealing with the 'sin'. It can't be good because the family are considering moving.

    The courts are very protective of children's privacy in these matters but she probably had no choice about the matter with the Elders dealing with it.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hopefully, this will be the wakeup & get out call for this family.


    JW Elders are 99% spineless, sycophantic, boot-licking cowards, who should be ashamed for even daring to believe that they are "Stars" and "Dukes."

    Disgusting yes-men, kissing the collective ass of the Gibbering Buddy.


  • Ruby456

    this gap that those in positions of responsibility can take advantage of needs to be closed. Charles Taze Russell may have taken advantage of this gap too and set the precedent - adoring youngster and individual in position of trust and power. I wonder how many others there have been?

    I have seen elders becoming enthralled with the adulation given by adoring young fans. How many would stay on as elders and ministerial servants if this privilege carried a warning that prison awaits if elders take it further than it was intended.

  • Onager


    14 hours ago

    How can this possibly happen?

    I was told that, "Elders are spiritually appointed men appointed by Holy Spirit and blessed by Jehovah".

    Perhaps the Elders in Gloucestershire have got it wrong?

    What have elders in Gloucestershire got to do with anything? Anglesey is in North Wales!
  • Vidiot

    But... but...'s God's Earthly Organization, and a spiritual Paradise!

    It can't be true!!!

  • Vidiot

    Just like the US military's hideously shameful actions at Abu Graib were in no f**king way the actions of just a "handful of bad apples", but were, in fact, the direct result of severely flawed institutionalized policies...

    ...the sheer volume of reports coming out (daily, it seems) indicate that there's no f**king way that the WTS's child abuse problems aren't the result of the same.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    If he had just been able to keep it in for two more years he could have gotten away scot free. Oh well...

    While I think the current child molestation scandal at the WT is appalling I just can't find it within myself to be outraged here. Teenagers are not children, except in some spurious legal sense which varies from country to country and state to state. When I was 14 I knew as much about sex as I do now and if someone had suggested otherwise to me I would have seen it as patronizing and insulting to my intelligence.

    They both should have been more discreet.

  • Vidiot
    Rainbow_Troll - "...They both should have been more discreet."

    Uh, NO.

    A 27-year-married father of two should have kept his dick in his pants regardless of how old the girl was, but especially considering she was a f**king minor.


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