Are you better off as a worldly person or a JW?

by Jules Saturn 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • AllTimeJeff

    If you examine the statistics at any point since the 1990s you’ll see that the amount baptized is way more than the overall membership growth. There are plenty who leave and are worldly. They never post here or anywhere on the internet. They just left and moved on. For them, it was an episode in their life. This includes a lot of born ins who move on. Not everyone is a troubled mentally disturbed person because they left. We just never hear from the ones who leave.

    I’ve never been desirous of letting my JW past dictate my future. That’s why my calling isn’t in the online movement. I’ll certainly call a spade a spade with anyone who asks. But I just want to show the GB and former associates who knew me that, yes, I’m doing just fine without you and your shit eating, “Have a Watchtower and get saved” grin.

  • lemonjuice

    Millions of times better in the world then with those ignorant asshole elders and circuit overseers. Then there are the dumb congregation members who just obey like idiots whatever the elders tell them to do. Jesus ... Even chicken run and put up a fight before you can slaughter them!

  • smiddy3

    How could you be better off being/remaining a JW ?

    It`s a cult religion for Christ`s sake .Full of false promises,failed predictions,deaths of many members following human instructions.of the GB members on a number of issues ,Blood,Malawi.Conscientious Objection in the Military,Medical procedures ,{ Organ Transplants ,Inoculation`s }

    And in many cases having dual policy`s on these issues depending in which country you lived in Malawi/Mexico for an example.

    Condemning the United Nations on one hand and Joining them as an NGO for 10 years on the other hand.

    Charles Taze Russell the founder of the IBSA/JW on the one hand saying they would never beg for money and the Governing Body of the religion today continually begging for money.

    Of course I`m better off DA myself from this sham of a religion.

  • Onager

    You know there's a reason that in all the films about dystopian totalitarian societies the hero is trying to escape\bring down said totalitarian society? They're not a good thing!

    There's usually a character in the film who is happy being a slave. Think about the man in the Matrix eating steak and smoking a cigar. That's a PIMO that's happier being IN. He knows about the matrix, he know's it's not real, but he's happy eating up the lies.

    Don't be that guy. Be Neo!

  • sinboi

    I don't agree that born-ins should go back.

    I believe that humans can learn to adapt. For me, I was born under slavery in the wt for 16 years. Do you want me to go back into slavery for the rest of my life?

    Some of you having good intentions, advise me to go back and left when I am older. Leaving when I am in my twenties??? Another 10 years in slavery?

    The longer I stay inside, the harder it will be for me to adapt to the outside world.

    10 years...If I remain outside, 10 years later, I believe I would have completely adapted to the outside world.

    I know some of you may worry that I will mess up my life as I am still young. But I can tell you this: I am just out for less than a year. During this time, I have encountered many ups and downs. In fact, more downs than ups. But through every of these downs, I come to understand life more. Rather than staying inside the borg, only know to wait on Jehovah...

    There is a tribulation ahead of me...I will turn 18 in December. Some of my friends have already receive the military enlistment registration order...I don't know how my jw parents will react when I am in the army....

    But I also know one thing - after my completion of the compulsory military service in 2 years, everything will be fine or if not fine, at least it will be better.

    My advice to those born-ins who have left : You may not be able to adapt to the outside world now. But know that it is just temporary.

    You can learn to adapt... Just imagine yourself having to live in a new country knowing not a single soul. You can find new friends...Crawling back into the org is just not the answer. You still need to do it later and it will be harder.

    Look ahead...that is what keeps me going...

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