Are you better off as a worldly person or a JW?

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  • scratchme1010
    He argues that when you’re born in, all you know nothing outside of the organization, so you’re better off in than out, that’s why when born ins leave the org, they always come back.

    What a load of crap. I am living proof of:

    1. That's not true, don;t need to go over details of how much better my life became after I left

    2. How they claim to know what people are supposed to be or bacome if they leave

    3. How stupidly naive some JWs can be

    My life as a born in JW was horrible. No question about it. My worst day as a worldly person is better than my nest day as a JW, and now I have quite a history to vouch for it.

    Stating that is more stupid lame attempts at mistreating and controlling born ins. Top notch bullshit.

    But they are missing the most important point: Nothing bad that happens to people outside the WT has anything to do with their Jehovah crap. Even if the life of a born in turns out horrible, if anything, they have responsibility for telling their loved one to shun them.

    They are a bad organization, made of lower level literacy nobodies pretending to be somebodies. Whatever bad thing happens to people doesn't change that fact.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    It reminds me back in the early 70's when many new ones coming into the organization. These new ones would always tell me how lucky I was being a born-in because I didn't have to go through the problems being in the world. Making me feel like my life was nothing because of the so called hardships they went through. Having no idea of the abuses many of us born-ins went through. So in my opinion escaping the Borg was one of the best things in my life and NO I am not thinking about ever going back. Still Totally ADD

  • LongHairGal


    I’ll take being a “worldly person” any day.

    I started my life as a so-called worldly person (raised Catholic) who later made the mistake of joining the Witness religion after they lied about what they were. In time, I found out I was caught up in a high-control religion or cult.

    Luckily because of my “worldly” upbringing, I was less susceptible to much of the garbage that the Witness religion is rife with (con artists, users) that other naive types (mostly born-ins) fall for...I also held onto my job and resisted criticism and labels of “not spiritual”. I needed to plan for my future and knew nobody there was going to support me.

    All these years later, I am retired and some of my critics have passed away and others are at retirement age and having to deal with that reality!

  • no-zombie

    No one can be "genuinely happy" all the time because happiness is a transitory, at the moment, type of emotion, like pleasure, joy or euphoria. And if you were to be actually found smiling constantly 24/7, its a pretty good bet that you've got some fairly serious mental health or wiring issues that need to be addressed.

    However, we all can be "genuinely content" with our lives. This because its a reflective feeling that does not need external stimuli for it to be generated. Helping us to look back at our lives and feel good about the decisions we've made.

    Now, are Witnesses more "genuinely content" than worldly people? If a survey was honestly held, I'd expect not. As nearly every brother and sister in the Kingdom Hall I've met in my life, has expressed in either word, action or facial expression, their tiredness of the Theocratic grind, while longing for the bus to paradise that never comes.

    Where as "worldly" people on the other hand, having same family, health and financial pressures as JWs, enjoy the extra freedom and time to express their personal wishes, in a fuller way.

    no zombie

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Being ' inactive for several decades' is not the same thing as being 'out' and fully understanding that the religion is a cult and the effect that his time 'in' had on him.

  • nugget

    Born in means you have no experience of life outside, all your connections are JWs and you are conditioned to accept JW doctrine and to follow the restrictions in their lives You have never had a proper childhood since your parent's love is conditional on you sharing their beliefs. They have had a miserable childhood and adolescence and devoted endless hours to meetings, assemblies, field service and bible study. They may have married someone with whom they have nothing in common because options are limited and the pressure to marry the first person you date is huge. If you decide to leave you are facing the loss of all your family and friends, they are poorly educated and have limited resources.

    If you came in later in life you have a network of non JWs you can connect with. You have had a chance of a real childhood, education and a chance to enjoy your youth. You have experienced unconditional love and had a chance to make something of your life. If you wake up to the bullshit you have more resources and more options.

    Just because the JW life is all you know it does not mean it is in anyway better to the experience of a life of freedom.

  • sinboi

    I am a born-in but left nearly a year ago at age 16. I would say when I was a jw and was still fully convinced that it is the truth, I was happier. I have a hope then. Maybe ignorance is not a bad thing after all.

    Now that I am out. I faced the question many people have : What is the purpose of life?

    I cannot be happy when I find no answer....

    I am now able to do things that were forbidden by the wt. I have done them all. Sex, blood, birthdays, christmas...I need to force myself to do these things at first. But now, they are norm to me. But I am still not happy.

    I was like a terminally ill patient. Someone lied to me that there is a cure for it. I was happy and hopeful. But then I found out that it was a lie.......

  • James87

    People who are born in have this illusion almost an ignorance of the world. Just do what the WT says and everything will be ok. The world does not work that way. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you. A born in person is conditioned not to care about this life, screw studying ( do home schooling when you can), forget about college, don't aspire to grow in your job, forget about wanting leadership positions because they will all take away time from the WT. Everything revolves around the WT and their interpretations of what reality is. You are made to actually believe we are in the end of times, something that is so ridiculous to a non JW that one struggles keeping a straight face when they mention that. The best analogy might be the man behind the curtain in the wizard of oz but more malicious, thats the WT JW org.

    Yes a person born in lacks social skills which becomes apparent when interacting with them. They are not bad people just misguided sheep lead astray by a false shepherd. One conversation i found interesting was a brother was recalling how he wanted to follow his dream in direction X but knowing it would need college and all of his time felt guilty that it would drive him away from Jehovah and at the end choose not to follow his dream. I remember staying quiet, thats when one sees the control this organization cult has. How a person would give up his dream because it would take away time from going door to door. Something i found so crazy but they where conditioned to think this way and this was a more progressive person, not a fanatical follower which i have dealt with.

    I think one is always better off as a worldly person. The caveat is that as a worldly person we are in charge of our life our destiny. To many that is seen as something impossible and that fear leads them to the WT JW org. If we do bad in school, thats on us, if we fail to advance on work, thats on us. For those who dont want to fight, for those that have given up on life, the option of WT JW org etc becomes an alluring option, all responsibility is take away from ones hands and placed on this org. If something goes wrong its because god is teaching you a lesson etc.

  • jbscott

    I agree - bullshit. Someone who is born to JW parents is quite different from someone who wasn't, who later on fell for the JW dogma. I was brought up JW, no choice of my own. I am far better off out in the real world, living an authentic life. And I'm an atheist, as well.

    For those who were born in the cult and those who joined of their own free will the path is the same if they wake up. It isn't easy either way.

  • Crazyguy

    JWs do not live in a world or reality. Because of this the descisions they make are not always best for them and their families they live in a fog.

    I noticed after I woke up how Raw the world felt around me. No one there to protect me or help me. We are surrounded by life and death all day long and it’s up to just us to make it, to support ourselves to protect ourselves. JWs don’t get it!

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