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  • done4good

    Just a note that 10 years ago, (Christmas day, 2005), was my last time inside a KH. A lot has taken place for the better in those 10 years:

    1. Met the love of my life and happily married for 9 years, two days ago.

    2. Completed a master's degree.

    3. Work at senior management level in the IT field.

    4. Have a savings and retirement, and no debt outside of a mortgage and 1 car loan.

    5. Lots of travel to several places that I never would have done as a JW.

    6. Contribute to what I believe are meaningful causes.

    7. Read, think, and meditate for myself.

    8. Have a great extended family I inherited from my wife.

    9. Lots of other great stuff, too much to list.

    None of this is intended to be boastful. It is merely a reflection of the positive things in life, and a lesson for any newbie here that life post-WT is worth living, and will only get better for you, if you take advantage of it.

    I am going to take a bit of a hiatus from here for a while, since I think 10 years is a good amount of time to have taken advantage of this type of therapy, and benefit from it. Diminishing returns do come into play, and I need to free myself from what can be an addictive pastime.

    Thank you all for being here...


  • Magnum

    Wow! I wish I had figured it out as soon as you did. Looks like you're really doing well. Good for you.

    I hate it that you're going to take a hiatus now [subliminal message: "stay another year"]. I guess I'm being selfish. I think the next year is going to be interesting as we observe what happens with the org financially, whether it sells more KHs and disbands more congregations, whether the numbers start to go down, etc. I'd love to have you around for your thoughts and analysis [subliminal message: "stay another year"].

    You posted this recently: "WT can no longer teach very detailed and esoteric doctrine. It is either too easy to disprove, or current events have rendered it false by now. In response to this, the WT has taken several measures over the last 15-20 years to dummy their doctrine down, and simplify the "work". This has led to widespread apathy among the faithful."

    I was going to start a thread about whether the org will ever produce any "deep" literature again (still planning on doing it), and I was going to mention your quote. I was thinking the exact same thing about their not being able to teach "detailed and esoteric doctrine" anymore.

    If you do take a hiatus, then at least pop your head in once in a while. [subliminal message: "stay another year"]

    I wish [subliminal message: "stay another year"] continued happiness for you [subliminal message: "stay another year"], and am not going to twist your arm to stay [subliminal message: "stay another year"] if you think it would be better for you to go [subliminal message: "stay another year"].

  • DJS


    I'm with Magnum; I selfishly want you to stick around. We need as many intelligent, educated, rational voices as possible. Otherwise the zombies will take over!!!! LOL.

    You are one of the best on this site. Don't feel like you are bragging. We are all proud of you and your accomplishments. We all need to see what others have accomplished to fuel our post-dub engines that all things are possible.

    I did things a bit differently than you. I left before '95 and didn't join any ex-dub site until 2 years ago.

    Onward and upward!!! Happy New Year Jason.

  • Phizzy

    Well done Jason ! and thanks for Posting, success stories like yours are always a pleasure to read.

    Drop back in from time to time, especially in ten years time ! and let us know how you are doing.

    All the best for the future !

  • kairos

    I just posted this on FB this morning.

    Wrapping up what has proven to be the very best year of my life!
    Accomplishments, re-connections, focus, peace, drive and goodwill.

    I mean this sincerely, once we come to terms that the WT part of our lives are over, it's in our hands fully what kind of life we will make for ourselves

    I plan to stick around and offer help and encouragement as I am able.
    I'm so thankful thank many have embrace me as I came through this most difficult time.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Many people are saying that this isn't the same ''religion'' they grew up in.
  • talesin
    Well done! I'm happy for you. You will be missed. May for Force be with you! xx
  • Xanthippe
    I will miss you too Jason but I hope you and your wife have a wonderful 2016.
  • freddo
    Please don't go for too long. Inspiring stories like yours help the rest of us stay firm in our resolve. And newbies and lurkers need to see first hand that you don't have to go to hell in a hand cart if you leave "the truth".
  • lrkr
    Happy New Year Jason! Let's get together in 2016!

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