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  • Brummie

    Hey welcome back Funchback, missed your great sense of humour.

    Sorry you are having to live through the JW experience, glad to see you are taking stock of your live rather than let them walk all over you.

    I've learned that the JW's are mainly concerned with appearances

    Too true, also they couldnt give a kipper as to how you are feeling internally, as long as you make a visible appearance it doesnt matter to them.


  • BluesBrother

    Nice to hear from you Funch. I know exactly the situation , having gone that road myself. My wife is active in the "Truth" and I appreciate the need to disentangle oneself slowly, so as not to face a big inquisition . . You have made the biggest leap, in your head, since you know longer believe and no longer fear.

    Like you I would rather work overtime than have to go on service. I often (on a Saturday) think of the faithful taking mags they may not have read, to people who are largely not at home, and generally dont want them - Not much point in that except to put an hour on your report.

    Take care of your wife , it is a hard time for her, she now has to stand alone in the congo., and cannot understand why you want to "Jump out of the lifeboat". She may be worried for you. Mine just thinks I am crackers!

  • Maverick

    Great post. Their chains are made of paper. Their power is a illusion. They subjugate only the willing. Your rules from now on, not theirs. When ever you are in a setting with the J-duds ask yourself if they are laying the ground rules for this interaction. If the answer is yes, change the rules. You are now free, welcome to life again. I wish you peace, Maverick

  • Shakita

    Hi Funchback:

    You are on your way to freedom, but, your wife will need more attention from you than ever. Show her how much you love her every day so that she doesn't think that you are leaving her, only the organization. There are bound to be some tough times ahead for the both of you. I hope that the transition is smooth for you both. Maybe in time she will be open for some discussion from you on the reasons why you are leaving the JW life behind. I wish you guys the best.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • teejay

    What up, B? Been wondering where you been. Good hearing from you again.

    Yeah, what Maverick said (just above). They ain’t got no… (oops!) the only control they have over you is what you give them. Happy to see you making those first critical steps toward total freedom. I worry about your marriage, though.

  • ashitaka

    Nice,'ve sure got a set of balls on you! LOL Don't take any guff from those swine!


  • JamesThomas
  • Reborn2002


    Good to hear from you!!!

    I and many others are proud of you and admire your courage in taking a stand for yourself. I should know, I did it myself and so have so many others on this forum and elsewhere. It is a difficult path, but you are doing it. No one ever said the right way was easy.

    Keep us posted on future events.

    PS - I think we all missed your sense of humor and the hilarious little movie clips you would use as your icon from time to time like that guy getting hit in the face with the basketball.

  • flower

    Hey Funchback! I dont get around much either but its awesome seeing an update from you when I do wander in here! Isnt it great when you realize that they no longer have power over you. I've extremely happy for you. Take care of yourself. :))


  • Funchback


    Thanks to all of you for the advice, opinions, experiences, and genuine warmth & concern. I will certainly try to spend some more time here because this place is one of the few places where I can go and freely & openly pour out my heart. Lord knows the elders don't offer that!!!

    I will definitely consider all of your input and I will update you on my progress.

    Now, if I can only get rid of my tummy I will REALLY feel free...


    PS...When can I change my profile pic???

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