Who created Satan?

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  • Silverleaf

    Interesting answers. I figured most would say God created Satan, which would make God responsible for all the problems of the world - and as Expatbrit stated, He would have seen that coming, so it had to have been His plan all along to have all the suffering caused by Satan. How do the faithful reconcile that they are worshipping the being that created the evil they fear so much?

    drawcad_1 - so the Babylonians are responsible! Now I understand all the references to Babylon the Great.


  • Realist

    Who created Satan?

    primitive tribes people who needed an explanation for why bad things happen.

  • Valis

    Not to mention every good fairy tale has to have an antagonist...


    District Overbeer

  • JamesThomas

    Look in the mirror. Invisible, "spiritual" entities, both good and bad, are mythological creations of the human mind. If one researches you can pretty well see how they changed and evolved throughout time to meet the current needs. Originally, they where tools to help us learn more about ourselves. "Know thyself". But unfortunately they have draw our attention out into a make-believe world. JamesT

  • lulu

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