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  • Leopold theseconed
    Leopold theseconed

    Hi. I have been introduced to this site by my new friends that are helping me navigate through the reality of waking up and finding out that I have been lied to my whole life.

    I grew up in the truth and have given over thirty years to this organization and the few years I wasn’t there my mind was certainly trapped. The more I think about it I am really not that surprised there was a lot along the way that should have woken me up but it took till recently.

    The october 2018 WT lesson on honesty was an eye opener for me. These guys have been lyeing all along and continue to play this shell game of misleading information. As I fade here now I can see so clearly how this is happening more often. Witnesses in general have no idea why there Kingdom Halls are being sold many see it as a sign the great tribulation is close.

    I look forward to sharing my thoughts here and building a supportive group so I can rebuild my life somehow at this late stage.

    I do feel a lot free in the mind. Being a Jehovah’s Witness for me was not fun. Like many I was just hanging on desperate until this system ended. I guess the ship is not going to sink after all.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Welcome to the site Leopold II, and well done for waking up even if it did take awhile.

    I think many of us here share your regret of not allowing the foibles, follies and crass rules of the org flag up an alarm a lot sooner. This is the way the cult has worked by constant propaganda which developed a loyalty culture among the flock. To disagree was virtually impossible without social punishment.

    Anyway all the best to you as you come to terms with the real life outside of the JW madness.

  • Ding


    I think most people who are here would ask themselves, "What took me so long to realize 'the truth' wasn't the truth?"

    That's a normal thought, but it doesn't help.

    You're wise to look towards changing course for the future rather than getting mired in the past.

  • nowwhat?

    As with all newbies I recommend going to and if you still have any doubts that leaving was the right thing this will give you all the answers you need

  • truth_b_known

    The winning mindset - Think it, say it out loud, and then do it.

    The words we use actually mold our thoughts and actions. It's not "The Truth". It never was. It never will be.

    Start by stopping the use of Witness lingo and phrases in your daily life. It makes the exit easier.

  • stillin

    Truthbknown has a point there. I have caught myself referring to the religion as "the truth" especially when with any of the Witnesses.

    it's hard to admit that we've been wrong about things. Human pride and all of that. But, like my Dad always said, "above all, be honest with yourself."

    Oh! And welcome!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome Leopold. I encourage you to read "Crisis of Conscience " by former GB member Ray Franz as well as "In Search of Christian Freedom" by the same author.

  • Giordano

    Welcome Leopold ll.

    Everyone on this site has been where you are. Everyone is on their own journey to a life that is real and sane. And many have found what they were looking for.

    However it's all to possible to stumble and make a mess.

    So here are a few things to consider: If there are emotional strings attached to your leaving.....meaning family and even some close friends........ you should not say anything. They are not ready to here your reasons.

    To keep family, a slow fade for unknown reasons should be thought about.

    Eliminate complications by not discussing any issue's with believing JW's, Elders etc. Keep everything on the down low.

    Do not leave 'evidence' around like an unprotected computer, a phone, anything you have written. Drop facebook or contain it. Keep all of these things secure.

    If asked why your not as active as you were there are two ways to deflect:

    Keep a low profile, if you are pinned down there are different ways to handle it......" Wife, Mom and Dad etc. "I am dealing with some private issues that I am praying about and want to keep them private until all of the information has been collected".

    If they really NEED an explanation..."I have been very troubled about the JW child sexual abuse cases that have been reported. This is a problem that has to be resolved.......... until it is I am not reaching out nor doing more in service then I am."

    Are you doing field service? " My field service time comes from my discussions with my peers at work."

    Your going to get a ton of help and yes some of it will be about the mistakes we made in exiting .

    Again....... welcome and my best wishes for the future.


  • WillYouDFme

    Welcome to the club, we have jackets.

    I would consider reading this book as it will help you see how ALL of it is bs and you are justified 100% in leaving. I is a big eye opener even if you are already ready to get out.

    Barker, Dan (2008). Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Leopold, welcome to the forum.

    Glad you've woken up and are fading.

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