Did you understand the individual books of the bible ?

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  • Steel

    The last couple years I have been really getting into watching these videos called the bible protect. There is no real dogmatic axe to grind. Just simple 10 -15 min videos on the individual books of the bible and kind of how it’s all connected together. I guess it is produced by evangelical outfit but it doesn’t really promote any sect or group.

    i listen to my wife listen to her WTS videos and it’s nothing but abstract concepts “ remain loyal to jehovah, guard tour heart, keep in gods love blah blah”. It all seems to come down to being a member of a very special club.

    So I go to jehovah witness socials once in a while someone tries to give me a song and dance and I ask.

    1. What book of in the New Testament is basically a summary of Christian doctrine ( Romans).

    i have to tell them.

    Then I ask if they could explain the book of romans.

    “ well if you go to JW org there are lots of great articles. Have a good evening “.

    My question is did you know more than a telemarketer sales pitch ? When did you realize how little did you know ?

    Please save the bible a total bullshit posts . I am not exactly joe Jesus .

  • Crazyguy2

    When I was waking up from the cult is when it became apparent I didn’t know much and what I did know was just jw propaganda. I was on my way of being what I call a true Christian until I dove tailed off when seeing a post about the God El.

    I think I have a tremendous amount of knowledge now about how the Christian concept and ideas came about over time in the New Testament I have also studied individual books and when some of the individual writings and stories came from. I see the Bible as more a collection of individual books not always being about the same god or even people, thrown together then edited to get what we have today.

  • Finkelstein

    When did you realize how little did you know ?

    When I started to read the bible without the WTS guidance or interpretations.

    The bible contradicts the JWS many times, even the words of Jesus .

    You have to honestly face the fact that the JWS doctrines were inherently devised under the endeavor of proliferating literature, which made the leaders of the WTS commercialized false prophets. (sinning apostates).

  • eyeuse2badub

    It's really hard to make sense of, or to understand mythology. It doesn't have to make sense because it's fantasy.

    just saying!

  • Jake101


    Yes bible project videos are fantastic, we're going to start linking to them when explaining JW teachings on readjw.info

  • JoenB75

    The jw org or Russell definetly does not teach you to read the Bible in context. You should always study the context and background of Bible verses

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Many key NT concepts were created during the latter part of the Second Temple period, namely the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE. This includes the creation of a spirit world, the invention of evil spirit beings, a war in heaven, invention of demons, and such. So read books such as 1 Enoch and Jubilees at the very least. Remember that the Book of Daniel was written in the 2nd century in the wake of this eschatological phenomenon.

    Do not try to blur the Bible books into a homogeneous entity, Each writing was created within its own cultural context for its own immediate community's needs. For example, the Book of Job was written to explain why God's chosen nation was always being punished. In other words, climb into the Jewish mind of each period. Judaism experienced several metamorphoses.


  • smiddy3

    Did you understand the individual books of the bible ?

    I thought i did with the WT publication "Equipped for Every good Work " with the WT summary of each of the bible books.

    It wasn`t till I got on this site that I realized I didn`t know "diddly squat" about any of the Bible ,all I knew was WT interpretations of what they wanted me to believe the bible said this or that.

    What understanding of the Bible I have today comes in large measure in what I have learned from sites like this one,and the knowledge that each one contributes from such a diverse lot of people.

    And I thank you one and all.

  • dozy

    Most JWs - myself ( as an now ex ) included - just have a pretty superficial knowledge of the bible. It is anchored on the basic Society principles of "obey the slave" and "go out and preach". It's basically a kind of kindergarten level. Remember - JWs are actively told not to do any external research or to learn any hebrew or greek.

    I remember an elder asked me to accompany him on a return visit he had on a guy who was a 20 year old theology student. We discussed things like the early history of the church in the NT and the trinity. Both of us thought we "knew our bibles" but the guy totally tore us apart - showed scriptures and used reasoning that we had never come across.

    The Society quotes we used ( eg from the early Christians ) were shown to be pulled out of context or embellished. 80 combined years of attending meetings between us counted for nothing - we were left furtively looking up the concordance at the back of our bibles trying to make a defence. It really brought home to me just how little we actually knew and was a big "eureka" moment in me realising that this wasn't the truth.

  • JoenB75

    JW leaders definetly have another spin on the Bible story than the Bible writers. But they use verses from them here and there. It is a clever arrangement.

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