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    Born in 1955 Jacko was baptized at 13 years of age in 1968.

    His life story, printed in the August 2015 Watchtower doesn't state the year in which he married, it's fairly general when talking about it. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    I've come across a recording of an interview with Jacko at a Hall dedication in another part of the US in 2009 which provides some further information.

    He married his first wife, Jenny, in 1974 at the grand old age of 19. No wonder they didn't want to print it in the Watchtower.

    Unfortunately his first wife, Jenny, was diagnosed with cancer in 1999.

    In 2003 Jacko was sent a letter from the GB stating he was being transferred to HQ and his wife would be given appropriate work. He initially didn't know why they were being called to HQ as he felt they were being very productive in their Fijian paradise, he states that they brought 75 people into the truth. He's later told that he was to be part of the GB helpers and once they told him that he understood why he was invited????

    Then one day, in 2005, whilst at HQ he was given a letter inviting him to be a GB member, he wrote back saying he didn't think he was ready but two weeks later they wrote back and said he was appointed. He was told to keep it secret for 6 weeks and specifically not to tell his wife anything. He wondered why he couldn't tell his wife and was told that it was her first lesson to appreciate that she was only one of the Bethel family and she would hear the news at the same time as everyone else, which he thought was appropriate. His wife was unable to attend breakfast most times and had undergone chemo. Jacko had to encourage her to attend on the morning of the announcement and even washed the dishes so everything would be ready for them to go to breakfast. However, no one passed the announcement on to Bro. Losch, the chairman and it didn't get read out. So Jacko had to go through the whole process again to get his wife to attend the next day. Just before it was announced she needed to leave the breakfast room because she has a coughing fit.

    Fancy that, his wife had no say and no opportunity for discussion in the matter.

    Why would Jacko even think of accepting the position of GB when his wife was gravely ill and why would he even attend a Hall dedication in another part of the country in 2009 which is the year in which she died? When it came to appearing at the Royal Commission, the managing of the protection of children just didn't rate highly enough for his attention.

    Apparently four years later, in 2013, he married again, to Loraini. There have been reports that she was young.

    This was reported on

    According to local newspaper Geoffrey Jackson was 57 when he married his second wife Loraini aged 30 in Jan 2013.
    According to local newspaper Geoffrey Jackson was 57 when he married his second wife Loraini aged 30 in Jan 2013.
    Geoffrey William Jackson, 57, Loraini Rokoloma Michell Sikivou, 30, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    According to JW.ORG (
    Fact 1: Jehovah has blessed me with another beautiful wife, Loraini Sikivou. Loraini and Jenny had worked together at Bethel in Fiji, and Loraini too was a translator.
    Fact 2: Sadly, my dear wife Jenny was not there with me. She had died in 2009, after fighting cancer for ten years. We were married for 35 years.
    Fact 3: In 2003, Jenny and I were transferred from the Translation Department in Fiji to Translation Services in Patterson, New York.
    Fact 4: Then, in 1996, we were assigned to the Fiji branch, where we helped with the translation work being done in the Fijian, Kiribati, Nauruan, Rotuman, and Tuvaluan languages.
    The facts gathered from the article in JW.ORG, Jenny and Loraini would have worked together sometime in 1996 to 2003 before moving to NY. In that case, Geoffrey Jackson would have been introduced to Loraini between the age of 13 to 20 when working with Jenny as a translator.
    Hmmmm.....According to local newspaper Geoffrey Jackson was 57 when he married his second wife Loraini aged 30 in Jan 2013.

    The link above to the marriage information does not work but this is it

    Unbelievable. It would be highly unlikely that they got her age wrong given that they are so particular with detail in using persons whole names.

    At the time of the interview, Jacko was in the Writing Department, his work involved writing and editing. He states that everything that is printed has to be read by the GB members 2 or 3 times and each page signed before it is printed. He says a lot of their work is taken up by reading. He thought he was busy in the past but it was nothing compared to being on the GB. I guess with so much less being printed, he'll now have plenty of time to spend with his beautiful wife, maybe even fit in a few more holidays back to Fiji.

    Jacko explains how all the GB members get along so well even though their backgrounds are probably the most diverse ever for a group of men. He says that they speak so freely that they all get 'egg on their face' at one time or another because they make suggestions that aren't accepted. That says volumes about these blokes, doesn't sound very discreet to me.

    One of the most exciting things that Jacko feels is the way the GB makes decisions. He says that even if a GB writes a study article and submits it to the writing department, it is not spiritual food. There are 90 different steps it must go through, checking, proof reading, researching and then when it comes out the other end it's spiritual food. The same is true with the GB meetings. He's got one thing right, many times it's all too noticeable that it comes out the other end.

    Jacko says that the Angels direct the preaching work but each day when going out, a JW doesn't necessarily see that direction but every now and again something happens and you go, wow, there must be angels involved. He says it is the same with the GB meetings. Before they go into a meeting, they do a lot of research, praying and careful consideration. Many things are mundane and could go one way or the other but the number of times he's seen 'something kick in' and the discussion goes another way and the decision is something that they totally didn't have in mind. Often times he finds himself walking out of the room and says to the other GB members, 'wow, what on earth happened there'. To him, it can only be the holy spirit.

    That's very interesting and insightful. It really demonstrates how, at least for this individual member, he can be handled like a puppet on a string. How gullible and stupid can he be? And because he has no ability to fathom how decisions were changed he calls it HS.

    If it's so exciting for him then why not share it with everyone? They've got all the facilities available and it's simply a matter of recording the meetings and putting them up on JW TV.

  • stuckinarut2

    Thanks for the post!

    Yes, it confirms just how "human" and "normal" they are.

    I bet most witnesses who revere the GB find it hard to reconcile the "humanness" of their "faithful and discreet slave"?

  • jwleaks

    Geoffrey Jackson is a fraud. He knows it. I know it. And he knows I know it. Beat you every time Jack.

  • steve2

    The world teems with ordinary men who make extraordinary claims. History is littered with their devastations.

    Geoffrey Jackson is at home, comfortable in the company of ordinary men making extraordinary and hugely consequential claims.

  • slimboyfat

    Loraini looks older than 34 in this picture. I'd say mid 40s.

  • Listener

    Half of the talk is given over to personal experiences and some of them are really over the top.

    He relates one of his favorite stories about Bro Barr. He says that whilst at a Bethel meal a Bro approached Barr with a camera and tells him that he is studying with a 90 year old man called Harry and asks Barr to give him a message. Bro Barr looks at the camera and says "Harry, you better hurry up"

    Jacko's not sure if he should mention this next story but does anyway. Barr was going to lunch one day and a recently appointed CO pants up to him and asks him if he has any words of advice. Bro Barr tells him to 'drink good Scotch'.

    More on the worrying side is a story Jacko tells about Bro. Sydlyk who he reports as punching a young Bro. in the stomach in the lifts one day. The young Bro. says to him that he shouldn't be doing that as he's a GB member. Bro. Sydlyk says 'Who's going to believe you son'

    And then it just goes further downhill from there. Jacko talks about the time he had just arrived in the US and was having a meal with Bro. Sydlik. Jacko explains how much in awe he was of him. Halfway through the meal Bro. Sydlik pipes up and says "Fiji, that's where men wear dresses" Jacko says that's true and Sydlik asks "Bro. Jackson, do you wear a dress" Jacko says yes and Sydlik says "My God, what have we got here?"

    That's the second time now that I've heard GB members say "my God", We would have had our mouths washed out for using this term when we were young.

    A number of years later Jacko makes his first presentation to the GB at which Sydlik walks up to him and says "Fiji, that's where men wear dresses". Then just before Sydlik passed away they were at an evening meal together and Jacko was relating these stories to his wife and Sydlik says "Yeah, and he still walks funny too".

    Jacko brings up this dress thing later on and talks about a GB meeting having finished and he made a silly comment. He explains that they were onto him like a pack of wolves and said 'Who would believe you, you wear a dress'.

    There's so much wrong with these comments, not the least in making fun of another countries traditions which they preach against.

    Of course, the GB members are so humble. He talks about Bro. Barr, who at 96 would attend assemblies overseas and other Bro's would come up and say how they had never met one of the anointed. His comment to them, apparently with total heartfelt sincerity, was "Please remember, I have to be faithful". If this stands out as significant to Jacko, I wonder what the other GB members feel. But Jacko says of Bro. Barr that he's the best christian he's ever met, obviously he's already comfortable judging other people.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Geoffrey Jackson needed someplace or someone to keep his 'little Geoffrey' warm. What better way than to marry a young honey named Loraini!

    Like many other horny toads...Geoffrey Jackson Sr. had trouble keeping Geoffrey Jr. in his pants! :) :)

  • Drearyweather
    He wondered why he couldn't tell his wife

    Did he actually tell this in the interview? Strange.

    All brothers who are appointed to any capacity, be it Elders, MS, etc are told to keep it confidential (even to their wife) till the formal announcement is made. This applies even when you are appointed to the GB. He himself must have told this numerous times to other brothers while appointing them.

  • waton
    Sbf: Loraini looks older than 34 in this picture. I'd say mid 40s.

    true, but she is half his size and they wilt faster in the sun. I thought too that there was not anything untoward about that marriage after a 4 year cooling off period.

  • slimboyfat

    Where is this talk is it online?

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