2021-July-S-147-Announcements And Reminders!

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  • Atlantis

    2021-July-S-147-Announcements And Reminders

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  • Jeffro

    We are pleased to inform you that the Governing Body decided that one new issue of the public edition of The Watchtower and one new issue of Awake! will be produced for 2022. Additionally, it has been decided to reprint two issues of The Watchtower and two issues of Awake! from previous years.

    Already recycling previous issues and down to just one new issue of each magazine per year. And it's worded as if the rank-and-file should be grateful. 🤣

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Actually, I am grateful for fewer publications

  • Italiancalipso
  • Phizzy

    They are going to create a "Museum" of stuff at H.Q, and maybe other Bethel Homes ? They are asking for stuff from the early 20th Century mainly, I bet the exhibits are carefully chosen ! so much embarrassing stuff went on under Rutherford.

    They have asked for pre 1700 Bibles ? supposedly to make it look as though there is a link between the JW org and the producers of such Bibles, which there is not. Of course , once donated, they could always flog 'em off later.

  • FFGhost

    Less than a generation ago , each edition of Awake was 32 pages long, and it was printed 24 times a year. 768 pages per year.

    In 2022, there will be one magazine of 16 pages.

    In other words, a reduction in annual content of 98%.

    Considering that for the past 8-10 years the magazines have been little more than bullet-pointed listicles with huge margins and giant photos on every page, the actual content reduction is well over 99%.

    Why even bother anymore?

  • Jeffro

    I wonder how long before The Watchtower and Awake! are only available at the ‘museum’. 🤣

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The thought of all those thousands of magazines that used to supplement my meagre income as a pioneer "just for the cost of printing". So, no income no magazines, there never was any point other than $$$.

  • Nobleheart1


    I used to be a member here about 10 years ago, but forgot the old password and after made a new account adding a number to my old username.

    After 10 years out of the org, my family are still in.

    Are they only printing 1 Wt + 1 Awake for the entire year? I am shocked...what about the abundance of spiritual food we should be ever grateful to the FDS?

  • truth_b_known

    The celestial chariot is moving the goal posts again....errr, I mean is on the move again!

    Jehovah is certainly speeding up the preaching work as the end draws near. So, the foot is on the gas pedal, but the car's gear is in reverse. They are actually going to reprint old issues? Isn't that "old light"?

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