Noah's Ark - Kentucky

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  • waton

    with modern design, methods and penetrating glue, a wooden vessel ~ 3/4 the size of the ark, actually floated at speed, and even flew. Howard Hughes', huge, spruce goose. Another rich man plans to use stainless steel.

    for 120 years now, do far, wt is using your riches, time to create an end times salvation mock-up. a movie set shell, like the Kentucky showpiece.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They're grifters.

  • punkofnice

    I agree with Beth Sarim.

    Was this the 'attraction' that had a model dinosaur in it?

    If so, that's hilarious.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    The Ark exhibit in Kentucky is just a few hours drive away for me and I have always had a morbid curiousity to go see it. It is preposterous of course, a testimony to people's stupidity and confirmation bias.

  • TD

    On the "crate" vs "boat" shape:

    This is an area where Evangelicals are right and JW's are wrong.

    Although the scales described in the Genesis story are unlikely, a boat shape is much more plausible. A rounded hull would absorb and spread out the force of impacts (i.e. waves) whereas a rectangular box would transmit those forces directly to the stress points (i.e. The corners)

    That's why a bowl is stronger than a box of the same material (Which is something that can be easily tested)

    We use width, height and depth to describe all manner of objects, from cars to trains, to airplanes, so there is really no reason to make that inference from the story to begin with.

  • BoogerMan

    The Boat of the Covenant must have been a sight to see! 52×31×31inches.

  • TD

    --Two different words in Hebrew

    תֵּבַת - tēḇâ is the name of the floating basket Moses was placed in and Noah's ark. AFAIK it's only used for those two things

    הָאָרֹן - 'ārôn is used for box-like objects including the coffin containing Joseph's bones, the ark of the covenant and money chests

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