Giving fake address to elder

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  • Incognito

    Why go through the motions of fading? If you both no longer wish to be JWs, don't continue attending.

    If you are actually moving, another option would be to attend your current congregation one last time, but tell the elders you are moving to another location from where you actually will be going. You could request they send your records to a congregation in the fake location.

    Attend the fake congregation a few times to pretend you have moved there, but right away ask they request your records from your prior congregation. Let-on that you are currently living at a temporary location so until your permanent residence is settled, you can't provide an address. Within a month, your records should arrive but as you are not well known, once you stop attending, they will likely forget about you and what you look like.

    Change your mobile numbers to stop the texts, and be choosy about who you provide those numbers to.

    If you have JW family remaining in your current congregation, there always remains a potential the elders will mention your new congregation, or will ask your family member for your contact information. Any good JW will submit to an elder's request, even if you request/demand that your contact info is not to be shared with anyone.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    I see what you did there, tiki. Good one! 😆

  • NVR2L8

    In my case it was simple: I stopped going to the meetings. I didn't get a phonecall or a visit for a year...despite my wife continued meeting attendance. I would occasionally get the "so and so says hello" when my wife returned from the hall. Then two elders came to my door after they heard I was in a car accident (b.s excuse since it was a minor fender bender). I kept them at the door and didn't let them open their bibles. I told them I needed to be left alone and that I knew the way to the Kingdom Hall. That was it. Now we have moved to a new town, my wife goes to the meetings and the local elders have stayed away.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Theocratic warfare... ;-) Keep talking about how much money you need? Haha... Most witnesses run ;-)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    Tell them you have to keep your address secret because you are in the witness protection plan."


  • Giordano

    I think we tend to get somewhat too clever in trying to out wit the Elder's or CO. Just do not answer the door, nor phone, if you know who is calling on you. Remember you did not invite them back into your life.

    Tell them if cornered that you have been stumbled by the JW Pedophile problem........ when the Society gets it straightened out............ let you know so you can take it up with Jehovah and see the direction you should go in.

    Other then that just think 'see you....wouldn't wanna be you'.

  • jp1692

    I get what you’re doing and why, but think it through to the end. Then just rip the band-aid off and be done with it.

    You don’t have to lie and “accidentally” give a fake address. Just stop going. And when people ask for personal information you don’t want to divulge, simply tell them, “That’s personal, and you don’t need to know that,” or, “Is rather not.”

    Reclaim your personal boundaries and live your life.

    Lets review: It’s a cult!

  • jp1692
    Giordano: I think we tend to get somewhat too clever in trying to outwit the Elder's or CO.

    Exactly. What’s wrong with just saying, “I’m sorry, but I don’t give out personal information to people I just met/don’t know”?

  • john.prestor

    To be fair it would be nice if the Elders admitted they keep tabs on people unless, correct me if I'm wrong, pretending this is about locating someone in the event of a disaster or the Great Tribulation. Like I get if you live on the coast of some tsunami-prone island but in rural America or some European city like what kind of disaster do you guys expect?

  • WTWizard

    Just don't give them any information at all. Now, I would advise trying to learn a foreign language you know people don't understand, and if the hounders start showing up, try speaking in that language. For instance, in most cities in the eastern United Tyranny of Stupidity, you are going to find people speaking Spanish, French, Arabic, and Italian without much problem, but what if you speak to them in German, Polish, Danish, Korean, or Icelandic? (Or Sanskrit, which even fewer understand.) Are they going to waste the time finding someone that understands that language?

    As for finding you, do you work in a customer service position? They will find you at work, and continually interfere with your work trying to hound you back to boasting sessions. When you try and brush them off, they will complain about rude or lousy service. They will not let you go until you have a legally binding contract to attend all the boasting sessions and participate to the full in field circus and all other activities. Then, your fake contact information will be useless.

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