What is the Latest JW Teaching on the Last Days and 1914

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Watchtower's teachings are ever changing....therefore the question...'What Is The Latest JW Teaching On The Last Days And 1914"? That is indeed a fair question.

    There was a time I would and could go toe to toe and nose to nose with anyone who dared ask me these types of questions about my faith as a devout JW. Today I would buckle and cave-in not to mention I would become extremely embarrassed at not being able to defend my faith.

    Thank you Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses for all these dumb-ass and confusing changes!

  • LouT8503
    steve2 5 hours ago"The last days" now spans three centuries, because Chuck Russell taught they started in his time, the 19th Century. We are now in the 21st Century.
    Tell me, are they better described, not as "the last days" but as "the last centuries" - which literally speaking, they are?

    Yeah, but a day to Jehovah is 1,000 years to us, so who knows what time span we're really talking about? And to me that is the point, they can keep this garbage going on indefinitely and find ways to warp scripture around their "teachings".

  • jhine

    Even as a non JW I am aware that believing Witnesses expect Armageddon next week . Every one here knows that this is simply a way of ensuring non questioning obedience , cus you don't want to be caught having doubts when it happens .


  • Distracted

    When I was wavering, I ran across a slim volume at the library on apocalyptic or adventist sects. It was an informative book and I don't think the writers had any particular agenda. It told the story of the Millerites and how the Witnesses and the Seventh Day Adventists sprung from them. I couldn't put it down. Very informative.

    The thing that really got me was that when Miller's dates didn't go like he thought, he or one of his followers came up with the doctrine of Christ's presence or parousia and they also called this "new light." This shocked me because this was always taught in the Watchtower as a divine insight the Bible Students leadership come up with and was a proof that God was leading the organization. It turns out they just stole these ideas from the Millerites.

    Thank you all for your answers and comments. Very helpful.

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