Peace and Security and Mike Flynn

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  • SouthCentral

    I was on a JW page recently and some dubs were openly predicting the end of the world in a year. Mike Flynn (trump advisor) mentioned having one religion in america and the dubs went crazy. Someone even mentioned 1975 on the thread.

    It seems to have since been deleted; but there were about 50 comments before I couldn't find it again. Of course, everyone that was commenting appeared to be under 40 YO or a new JW and are not aware of the past.

  • asp59
    Please You have link to thread?
  • Gorb

    Keep dreaming.


  • BluesBrother

    It is a well known fact that if you are expecting something, every possible sound or sighting makes you think “ That’s It ! “..If you are looking out for someone you think you see their face in every crowd.

    It’s the same with dubs and the News . When George Bush No.1 used the phrase “New World Order”, we all jumped to conclusions..

    Some years back an Awake cover highlighted a U N Resolution that some critics thought could potentially be used to curb religion. Of course nothing ever came of it .

    If you want to see something..... you probably will think you do see it.

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses thrive on bad / negative news as proof that the end is very soon,just around the corner and so on.

    BB refers to the UN designating a year in the 90`s a year of peace &Security JW`s jumped on it as a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

    Of course nothing happened. Nothing that the WTB&TS / JW`s ever predict has ever come to pass.

    And nothing will,because they are a man made in America religion that has thrived on fear ,obligation and guilt with their members not to mention the donations of members ,the wheeling and dealing in Real Estate ventures ,and their publishing enterprises.

    That has made them a Multi -Billion Dollar Corporation

    Religion is a goldmine that feeds on the gullible.

  • Rivergang
    Religion is a gold mine that feeds on the gullible

    So sad, and all so bloody true!

  • jhine

    Can't fully agree with that.


  • Overrated

    Watchtower needs to be heavily Taxed!

  • smiddy3

    Can't fully agree with that.

    OK Jan ,then you must agree with some of it ? And I can resonate with that.

    SOME RELIGIONS I have to agree with you , do a lot of good in a practical way in the communities by their actions and put their money where their mouth is in doing so.

    I guess I`m talking about the flip side of the coin that does SFA in a practical sense and does nothing of the sort and just bleeds the flock of their finances and gets tax free exemptions from stupid Govts. that allow them to get away with it.

    The R&F of JW`s criticize and condemn Christendoms religions as being false ,yet when they become old and frail where do a lot of them end up ?

    Certainly not looked after by the WTB&TS ,they end up in Aged care Facilities run by a Christian Organization.

    However not to derail this thread about "Peace & Security" any lurkers should be aware of the UN`s year of Declaration Of "Peace & Security"in 1986 and with the WT`s claim that the UN was the counterfeit Kingdom of God on the earth and then making that declaration certainly got JW`s all excited about the new system about to be upon us.

    w58 10/15 pp. 629-630 Public Address: God’s Kingdom Rules—Is the World’s End Near? ***


  • jhine

    Sorry Smiddy just seen this. Of course l agree to some extent . Their are religious groups that are cash cows and some individual preachers ( mostly American it has to be said ) who milk their followers.

    On the flip side this was part of an exchange on a What's App group that l belong to.. . " l thought that you would like to see the washroom that is being built in memory of our niece .... who died. My sister and brother in law have close contact with a charity in Ghana."

    Sister Aba is over here at the moment as she is visiting a young man they have funded through Oxford University. Christianity in action!

    If people turn up at the clinic on a bicycle ( the rich ones ! ) they pay one rate . If they have flip flops on they pay less and if they are bare foot they aren't charged.

    That is how Christianity should work and does in in some groups.

    So l can't agree fully with that blanket statement because l know better.


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