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  • Athanasius

    Yesterday while shopping I had an interesting experience. There was an older woman ahead of me at the check out who was dressed in all black, including her stockings and shoes. In fact I thought that she might be a Sister, as I've seen Nuns at my wife's Church dressed in similar fashion.

    As I waited my turn to pay for my purchases, she was engaged in conversation with the cashier and gave him a business card as she was leaving. Moreover, when I left the store she was in the parking lot talking with a tradesman. They had just finished their conversation as I approached. So I addressed her as “Sister” and asked if she was a Nun.

    To my surprise she replied: “No, I'm a Jehovah's Witness.”

    So I explained that though I'm Anglican, my wife is Russian Orthodox and that when we've attended services at her Church, some of the Orthodox Nuns wear habits similar to what she is wearing. As we talked, she directed the conversation toward religion and the many divisions in the Churches. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time, so I wasn't able to continue the discussion. However, as we parted she offered me one of those Jworg business cards and said: “Check out the website on the card. It will give you more information about our work.” I declined and told her I was satisfied with my Church and wasn't interested in changing religions.

    I suspect she was a Pioneer and was getting in her time by discussing religious subjects with everyone she meets. But her attire made me wonder if that is a new trend among the devout JW women.

  • NotFormer

    You mistook her for a nun? That's a new one. I thought they were trending away from rigidly conservative dress styles.

    But not necessarily like this:

  • nowwhat?

    Hmmm, maybe by appearing to to be nun, she thought people would be more inclined to be nice to her

  • EmptyInside

    That is just the way she dressed. It's not a trend. Some Witnesses really like to keep up with fashion.

  • Diogenesister
    Hmmm, maybe by appearing to to be nun, she thought people would be more inclined to be nice to her

    If she's a pioneer, that's likely. If not, probably just coincidence. Funeral?

    Some Witnesses really like to keep up with fashion

    Whilst that's true, I wouldn't say all black is being especially fashionable. Black has always been popular among women. Mainly because it's flattering, slimming, easy to throw on without thinking too hard and you can still look sophisticated in cheap clothes. Well that's my opinion, anyway😊

  • EmptyInside

    I didn't mean the Witness he saw was in fashion. But, just addressing his question, if this was some new clothing trend among the Witnesses.

    Most I know like to shop in second hand shops, nothing wrong with that, while , others like to dress with latest styles, especially the younger ones.... as long it's not tight pants, lol.

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