Talking about legalizing marijauna

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  • obiwan

    Well I was discussing to a friend about legalizing "it" and he said it's not possible. Then I proceeded to tell him how it could be, here's how it could be. First the government would award contracts to growers so it could be grown. Then it could be packaged in packs of oh say 5 and sold to the public. The government could tax the hell out of it and they would still sell like hotcakes. The government could police "it" just like alcohal, there are tests to tell if your high.

    So,watcha think folks, yes or no.

  • SixofNine

    Or, more intelligently, they could just legalize it at tax it at fairly normal rates, say something akin to alcohol.

    There are no negatives to legalizing mj, and many, many positives. Not the least of which it eradicates a policy of hypocricy and stupidity.

  • SpunkyChick

    I think we should legalize it already! *off to spark a doobie* Hehe, makes me sound like a pothead and I've only smoked it three times in my whole life.

  • gitasatsangha

    They government has made it so difficult on tobacco farmers, letting them grow hemp would be the LEAST they could do.

  • Eric

    In a similar vein comparing marijuana to alchohol, I'd like to see a law that would allow the growing of weed for personal use that parallels the law governing home wine-making.

    You can freely make your own wine, with no governmental intrusion whatsoever up to a preset limit. Let's say 100 litres. (Not sure of the allowed amount.)

    You can drink it, invite your friends over to drink it, your friends can bring some bottles of their wine over to share with you, you can trade bottles of wine between yourselves and discuss your home wine-making techniques to your hearts content.

    You just can't SELL a single drop of it.

    I believe the Canadian government in 1973 flew up a trial balloon suggesting exactly this, with a limit of 7 plants per person, but it never made it to the Commons for debate.

    If pot-smokers could grow for personal use without fear of a bust, could share and trade their personal stash with friends, to whom would a dealer sell? Sure, there are still bootleggers of alchohol, and there would still be some dope-dealers, but I think it would kick the crap out of a particularly seedy, questionable black-market industry.

    On the upside for the taxman as well, the home wine-making supplies business is quite large and healthy, paying their sales and business taxes like everyone else. I can see no reason to doubt that a similar small industry for hydroponics equipment would also flourish.

    Any thoughts?


  • Satanus

    Canada is now talking about making posession of it noncriminal. Not totally legal, just finable, like you get fined for speeding. That means people don't get a criminal record. A step in the right direction ;\) Dealing might still be criminal.


  • Xena


  • Xena

    Hey SS

    just cause I felt like it..that's why

  • Satanus
  • aojumper


    I am so right behind you. I think they should legalize "it". Tax it and moniter it like they do Alchohol. Then spend the money on getting rid of harder drugs, and education.


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