No more talk about the Org. regarding Sexual abuse on this site ....what happened ???

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  • smiddy3

    I think it gets covered pretty well .Every time a new case appears in the "news" anywhere in the world it seems to end up here.

    However you cant keep thrashing the same story over and over again where we have no control over what happens to the perpetrator or the victim.

    As for the comment it's "mild" compared to the world.,I think its a lot worse when you take into account the numbers of JW`s in the world and the amount of child sex abuse cases that have been reported around the world.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • darkspilver

    scratchme1010: My thoughts are that the topic has been covered widely. However, I'd like to know if there's anything to say about the victims.


    The Reclaimed Voices Foundation - which offers victims of sexual abuse in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses a space to regain their own voice and to speak out - was launched just last week.

  • darkspilver

    tor1500 - it's mentioned here and there but then it fades away.

    There is the following from today (Tuesday, November 28, 2017)

    Abused ex-Jehovah's Witness offers help to victims: "Taboo must be broken!"

    Interestingly it highlights that the WT Bethel will enter into discussions.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank-you Tor for bringing this up. I don't understand why you got a dislike but I do understand why some feel the way they do. Faithnomore you are right about how these subjects trigger emotional turmoil to victim's. Being a victim myself when this subject came up when I was a newbie on this site it did make me very uneasy. I am 63 year old male and it stills hits me once in awhile. I found the more I talk about it the better I feel. My thoughts are keep talking about it. For those who never had this misfortune how lucky you are but Keep listening, keep listening.

    I feel all who have escape from the Wt. cult have been abused in one way or another. In many cases the effects are the same. After being stunted in emotional growth for so long we all need to take time to work on our problems and grow. In this world I find it so sickening to still see victim's of abuse are looked down on when they bravely come out and expose the abuser. Let us all speak openly and honestly on this subject.

    Lastly thank you darkspilver for posting these new sites to help victim's of abuse. Still Totally ADD

  • tor1500


    The reason why I brought this up again, is that we humans get all hot and bothered when stuff first happens then it fizzles out...because we soon forget, until the next time...yes, there are things that we shouldn't keep harping on but to me this is not one of them...

    We get upset when the friends have no empathy or sympathy for others, unless it happens to them...are we like that on this we really care, or just glad to be out & to heck with the ones who are stuck there, not the ones who know they are being lied to but still remain...Have we turned into the folks we most hate...or do we still have the JW spirit, if it didn't happen to me ....

    I do understand not beating a dead horse but this is serious...I question why everything is being exposed except the org.

    Everyone is accountable for their actions...everyone...even us.

    The newspaper makes a big deal out of stuff then in a day or's goes to the back page until, it's not mentioned anymore...

    This is about peoples lives and how they are and will be affected, not to be taken lightly...

    Sorry if I offended anyone or opened up some one of the commenters said, it helps to talk about it...there are many intelligent folks on this site, don't be carried away with intelligence and writing ability so much so to have lost being human and caring about one another...

    We all know most witnesses can't hold a thought too long...hear the message then as soon as the meeting is over it's forgotten...just like when you say a comment and someone said, "Loved your comment & you say, what did I say, I forgot", sound familiar. How many times have we gone out in service and are told our territory and some write it down some take a pix of it...still when it's time to go...Many if not all the friends say...Where we going, again, what did the brother say, sister...because we all know not all but most of the friends are thinking about something else...So do we still have that same MO..."How soon we forget"


  • dubstepped

    It's a ridiculous assertion that just because it's not discussed 24/7/365 that anyone has forgot or moved on, an unrealistic expectation. To assert that maybe we just don't care is next level ridiculous. Nobody is prevented from speaking up here and there just isn't always something new to talk about for many of us.

    I will be looking forward to your continued coverage of it. Time to meet your own expectations that you're holding everyone else to.

  • Giordano

    There are two issues at play on this subject...... the victims of child sexual abuse, their care and treatment, the honest support, care and affection they receive. Then there is the Society. An indifferent corporation seemingly only concerned with their good name.

    When the occasion allows I speak frankly about the conduct and policies set in place by the WTBTS....... I reference the victims but never discuss their names or what they endured. I always name the JW religion and it's corporate master and how sideways they are on the child abuse issue. I mention the ARC, Geoffrey Jackson and others on the GB as well as their complete failure to put in place rules and follow ups with their known pedophiles.

    On this forum there is a vast concern that this issue be exposed. We constantly see child sexual abuse in the JW world....... commented on.

    It along with their reckless blood ban and the congregational injustice that can befall a JW are part of most of our conversations.

    As more and more non JW's take notice the ministry of the JW's is weakened. Their reputation is lessened.

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