NEW LIGHTS regarding d/f'd JW's!

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  • peacefulpete

    Boy, I think way too much has been made of this. Sadly, really nothing has changed in practice, they are simply compiling and clarifying what has been done forever. Yes, relatives have always been free to invite a DF'd person (unless DF'd for apostasy) to the memorial/ meetings. The ability to acknowledge a DF'd person attending the KH has been in place for years and years. Even 40 years ago I was instructed to politely acknowledge and seat the persons in the back row. There is no change in prohibited socializing.

    In my part of the world ladies have been wearing pantsuits for decades, as long as not on stage. Nothing has really changed. Regarding ties and suitcoats, similarly, in warm weather especially, they were not required unless on stage. In our missionary assignment, I learned fast to not wear a suitcoat even on stage, I nearly blacked out from the tropical heat one Sunday. The CO laughed at the idea of wearing one in that heat.

    Silly things like pantsuits or beards were never the reason people leave the church. The disordinate control measures and thought limiting dogma was. Sadly, this has not yet changed.

    It's actually funny that many of us who simply stopped believing the dogma are reserved for harsher treatment than those who may have harmed children or robbed a bank. Once again, the ultimate sin is questioning their authority.

  • TonusOH

    They can't be doing this to keep the current rank and file from leaving, as much as to make it more attractive to new converts. How they expect to do that after the changes to the preaching work and reporting, I don't know.

    But this will wreak havoc on at least some congregations. The whole idea was that the rank and file had every decision made for them, and would be 'counseled' when they went even slightly outside of the bubble. Now they are being told they have the freedom to make more decisions, and many will not know what to do. One thing they will do is reject the changes. They'll show up to the meetings in the 'proper' attire and get snippy with anyone who doesn't. They will continue to shun DF'ed people and distance themselves from those who do not. And so on.

    They'd better have some long-term goal that I'm not seeing, because they are in for a very rocky couple of years at minimum, in my opinion.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    aah well--i'm a known apostate--so i should be off the radar.

  • peacefulpete

    I received a negative vote. Whoever did is encouraged to point out anything actually new. They kept repeating the idea that this was some change of procedure, some new understanding (no doubt for the authorities to be assuaged) but what really has changed? Maybe I missed it. All I heard was noise and a repetition of the prohibition to socialize/normalize relationships with those who are free of the WT......and a trivial message to the Elders to lay off the ladies in pantsuits if not on stage.

  • slimboyfat

    Nice, but have to feel sorry for all the JWs who have been strictly shunning relatives for decades. 😮 Those are relationships that won’t easily, or ever, get patched up. 🩹

  • peacefulpete

    SBF....what do you understand to have changed? You could jump to 8:19 and listen for about a minute. The child is still facing a judicial committee if the first two find them 'unrepentant'. They slyly leave unsaid they would be disfellowshipped, but this is clear from previous context and what follows.

  • slimboyfat

    I’m just going by BoogerMan’s OP.

  • peacefulpete

    OK, if you can stomach it, listen to the video.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I like this former elder on the subject of new light

  • TheListener

    I didnt know any congregations that allowed women to wear pantsuits. Where was this allowed? My family would have liked that.

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