I Finally Posted a Singles Ad....Check it Out

by Robdar 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • expatbrit


    Very nice ad.

    So nice in fact, that I took the liberty of emailing it to all the members of one of the charities I work with: HOOWEE! (This stands for Horny Old Octogenarians With Endless Energy.) Hope you don't mind.....


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    My best friend put an ad on one of those personal sites, and hooked up with an XJW. Heh. Life's little ironies.


  • Aztec

    I tried the internet singles scene once. I met a few nice guys and am still friends with two of them. I would recommend talking to guys quite a few times on the phone before agreeing to meet, and, most definatly sticking to public places for a while. The more public the better, partially for your own safety and also so you can confirm that he has no problem being seen in public with you. Married/commited men would be less comfortable with public meetings. Have fun, take care and ENJOY! Cheers! ~Aztec

  • rocketman

    I'm married.....but can I take out an ad too?

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