The Study edition of Luke NWT Now on JW.ORG...great, now they dig even deeper into the pile of muck

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    What is the 'study edition of Luke'? I've never heard of it before this thread.

  • NikL

    The study version of the New World Translation.

    They are releasing it piecemeal on JW.ORG

  • WTWizard

    Another problem: Why would you want to worship a god that always uses fear to get people to worship it?

  • tor1500


    Well one thing for sure the org. can't say this is Michael the Archangel aka Jesus....Jehovah's Angel, he had a mess of them....sometimes they were called sons then lights...whatever...Jehovah angel who they may say is Michael/Jesus can't be in the manger at the same time...

    I think the society is running out of things to say.....they are trying to run ahead of the information age and they can't keep up....


  • kpop

    OP these types of threads are the reason I come here. I am amazed at how simple we can destroy the WT and their failed "logic" with facts. I'm saving this whole page and going to email to all of my friends.

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