what more cuts might be in the pipeline

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  • pepperheart
    There have been so many cuts in the past few years in the jw world what do you think might be next?
  • millie210

    There has been a rumor floating around for years that they are going to cut the number of circuit overseers. Use qualified COBEs from a local circuit to do the job. Shorten the congregation visits to a long weekend (Thurs night thru Sunday).

    I am not sure though since they removed D.O.s if that will happen but it would cut costs.

    Circuit overseers seem somewhat of a liability as they cost the Org a lot of $$ and the members are finding them more and more of a visit they dread and just dont support

  • joe134cd
    In another 80 years time the org will be reduced to a web site with a few scattered buildings around the world where th R&F meet once a year.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    You give it 80 years(2096) reach that condition? No way! they will be making it there in 20 years max perhaps 10 or five the way things are moving these days of instant information. I think these clowns are in deep doo doo right now and they are getting ready for some big time sell offs even their compounds built on chemical dumps will be up for sale in 5 or six years the way things are speeding up and Jehovah's chariot is stuck in reverse.
  • OneEyedJoe

    2 day conventions will probably still generate 90% of the income of a 3 day, with lower costs.

    Asking individual JWs or congregations to print study literature themselves if they don't have an iPad.

    On the flip side (revenue generation) I expect the number of zone visits and special broadcasts like that to increase, since the boe is instructed to forward all donations from these events to HQ

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think the Kingdom Hall sell-off has only just begun.

    As they determine that the R&F can drive a little further (hey! it's only twice per week now!) ideally they will have three Congs using each Hall. That could be quite a sell off in major metro areas with all funds going to "Mother".

    If there are too many Congs that fail to contribute sufficient funds to Mother, they could conceive a "per publisher" cost (just like at assemblies), thus requiring each Cong to contribute "$XXX.xx" per month with a lot of pressure on the Elders & MS to see that they always meet or exceed their "goal". This would guarantee that a certain level of funds goes into WTS each and every month.

    A reduction in COs has been noted in the past and in a post above. I think COs are too important to maintain their control for them to completely eliminate the position, but official CO visits could be reduced to one per year, with a local "sub-CO" doing the 2nd visit and communicating anything of urgency to the CO.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I really don't see these guys being internet evangelists with checks rolling in. To get members' money, they have to meet. I can see congregations becoming smaller due to attrition and people being told to go further to a hall and others being sold. I can see them abandoning Kingdom Halls sometime after that and trying to have regular/semi-regular meetings at assembly halls, sort of the mega-church atmosphere. But that's pretty far down the road, and they would really have to get money from those attending if they only come every once-in-a-while.

    Otherwise, they will pass on all the cost of printing to the locals eventually. They will not have to print as they can just carry a "device" with all they need on it.

    I see them selling their glorious new headquarters, but not for decades. I see them fading away, I also see it taking 80 years or so, but lawsuits and damaging news about pedophiles and cover ups can speed it up.

  • EdenOne

    I see Mega-Halls and Mega-Congregations in the larger cities where at least 5 congregations can share the building; in the countryside, meetings held in private homes with internet-streamed programs. All other KH sold.

    I see Circuit Overseers disposed of and replaced by qualified COBE's who will visit neighboring congregations once a year with a reduced 2,5-day program (Friday evening to Sunday). CO's not too old will be re-assigned as COBE's of mega-congregations.

    I see two multi-congregational conventions a year, lasting only 2 days (weekend), held in Convention Halls held by the JW's.

    I see the disappearance of the Awake! magazine (first the paper edition, then the digital edition).

    I see the disappearance of the paper study edition of the Watchtower magazine (only digital downloads).

    I see the increase in printing of tracts and decrease in brochures and books. Possibly, only three study books (one for children, one basic, one advanced), plus the NWT Bible will remain being printed on a regular basis (plus specialized books such as the Manual for Elders etc). Everything else will be only available at the online library.

    I see the increase in multi-media content production (including "christian music").

    I see the scrapping of most Bethels still remaining, with only one or two Bethels for each continent. (Europe: UK and Germany; Africa: South Africa and Nigeria; Asia: Korea and India; Australia; North America: US; Central America: Mexico; South America: Brazil) The rest will be RTO's.

    I see the multiplication of special "schools" to be held at week days at Convention Halls to maximize the use of these facilities.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Here praying for years now that the Friday gets knocked off from the RA. Also, shorter hours during all the assemblies. I swear I'll throw a party the very day that happens!

    If in order to always use the WTBTS buildings the assemblies are reduced to only one 1-day and another 2-day each year, thus knocking out of the equation one of the small assemblies. That would be most awesome!!!

    When they figure out that this method will bring them more money for less effort, it will come to pass as all changes throughout out this org's history points to the fact they've all been made in the name of 'more money funneled to momma'.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    One meeting weekly only.

    No monthly reporting of service time.

    No shunning!

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