Splane`s war rhetoric

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  • inbetween09

    The last talk o the saturday convention of JW was already often the centre of discussion, with all the name calling, logical fallacies and fear mongering. However, it was interesting, not just what and how Splane adressed the matter, also what he actually had to admit.

    1) He had to admit, that the org is actually loosing court battles, left and right. he blamed the socalled unjust systems of wordly courts, but if one have in mind, that JW always boasted about winning court trials as proof of Gods backing, particularly in the 40`s about religious freedom, this is actually a concession of defeat. Winning in court = Gods backing, loosing therefore equals also loosing God`s backing. He didnt draw this conclusion directly, but it is inevitable.

    2) He had to admit, that JW settling cases out of court. And more importantly, that a reason for this is, that BOTH parties do not want all the truth to be revealed. So he said, WT is hiding something.

    3) He had to admit, that news reporters to try to get their side by contacting the branch. Of course, he put his drivel on it, why this is also bias, but still.

    4) He had to admit, that News reporters are carefully wording things to not get sued, so basically he cnfessed, that whenever something false is being broadcasted, they will sue them. This in away confirms, that what the media shows, may be negative and onesided, but not entirely false.

  • BluesBrother

    Good points inbetween. Reading between the lines , the reason he had to deliver this talk Is that a lot of the faithful are concerned about adverse news reports and their settling of claims. They are worried. We’ve got ‘em on the run !

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    With the WT its always Heads I win :

    JW's always boasted about winning court trials as proof of Gods backing, particularly in the 40`s, So, send us your families' inheritance.

    And, Tails you lose:

    JW's losing court trials is evidence that Satan's attack upon God's people has begun. The end is near. So, send us your families' inheritance.


  • punkofnice

    I haven't seen or heard the propaganda from this paedophile protecting fraud. However, I'll bet a £1 to a pinch of snuff he didn't admit the reason for the Court cases.

  • Phizzy

    How on earth did you simply guess that Punky ?

    I am hoping this talk will do more damage than good to the Org, it was certainly Talks etc on this sort of theme that added to my Cognitive Dissonance, and so contributed to my eventual waking up.

  • inbetween09

    Phizzy, exactly, the km from 2007 about not doing your own research was an important step in my process of awakening

  • mickbobcat

    The end is neigh so lets start building seven year move studio projects.

  • truth_b_known

    In a court of law the term they use is "He opened the door." This refers to questions the opposing attorney would not be able to ask due to the law, but because the question was asked or the fact was brought up it is no legally allowed. Splane admitted there are lawsuits. Splane admitted the Watchtower is either losing them or settling out of court. We live in a day and ae where most people know settling out of court is 1) An admission of guilt of liability and 2) the purpose is to pay the victim for their silence on the matter.

    The Watchtower is not putting their lamp on a lamp stand. They are hiding their lamp under a basket.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    My wife only noted the apostate warning part. Told me they are really active. Did not catch on that there are lawsuits being hushed up.

    I thought it funny he started with the "wicked men among you" scripture. There certainly are

  • Rocketman123

    What the GB heads imposing fear and intimidation.

    ........unheard of .

    The leaders of this organization have been lying and deceiving people for over 100 years that's their MO, when these guys are gone the men who will replace them will do the very same thing, its scripted in the manual one might say.

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