Help to build a "Guide to Your New Faith"

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  • Laika

    Google a church before you join! Just because there's no negative information it's not a guarantee that it's a good church, but it helps.

    Join a church which provides access to its accounts. You have a right to know where your money is going, if you donate any.

    Join a church which has good child safety procedures, because children are important.

  • David_Jay

    And don't expect a perfect church however. There are none.

    There will be always be stupid people who through their stupidity and self-serving attitude will create problems, sometimes serious ones, for other members. Some will disappoint you, even if they be ministers.

    There will sometimes be more interest in following church politics and polity than doctrine. It happens. This too is stupid, but it happens.

    But you should be able to fight against it, shine a public light on it, and find support to help rid such problems. It may be difficult in some instances, but unlike the Watchtower brand of religion, you should be able to do this without fear you will lose your membership or position. If not, you know what to do. But even in the best of organizations, religious or secular, you will have your share of problems from the stupid.

    Yet if it gets downright unbearable, and you can't help but use words like "criminal" and "evil," an exit would be recommended. Neither would it be advantageous to belong to a church, religion, or organization where the majority wear self-deluding blinders to ignore the problems. Even a good garden sometimes has its weeds and bugs, but a good gardener should also be on top of this.

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