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  • Defianttruth

    I have seen many people ask the question, "If its not the truth what else is there?" I imagine that most people want to remain in a Christian faith so I want to build a matrix for one to use as a guide in finding a new church if he or she feels a need to worship. I personally don't attend any church and I will keep my personal beliefs to myself. I would just hate to see people who are used to being abused by their faith hunt out and find another cult. I am calling this Matrix "Good Church, Bad Church". Here are my humble suggestions. Also, if you are atheist or agnostic please be respectful. You will only scare people who want to believe away. Some people just want to worship, while others don't.

    If your church teaches the Widow's Mite as a tool to resource more money from you, you have found a Bad Church.

    If your church encourages discourse and allows members to have contrary opinions, you have found a Good Church.

    If your church teaches an unquestionable Hierarchy, you have found a Bad Church.

    If your church is full of people who openly have problems and accepts others without question you found a Good Church. If you are with people whom are seemingly perfect with no problems what so ever they are probably riding unicorns and you should be careful of the mushrooms you consume.

    If everyone there likes you be careful human beings don't like everyone. It's okay for some people to not like you and you not like them. The question arises do the people who don't like you treat you with human decency even though they don't like you.

    If everyone looks and acts the same, you have found a Bad Church. This is systematic of the church having so much control everyone bends to the church's whim.

    If your church controls information, you have found a Bad Church. If any claim is made that the people in power are given secret abilities, reasons, insights, or anything similar, you have been warned.

    If your church has an attitude of "look at me, look at me!!", you have found a Bad Church.

    If your church is quietly trying to make your community a better place by helping others in need this is a good sign. If all they talk about is the good they do, run away.

    If they minister who works two days a week drives the most expensive car in the parking lot, you have probably found a Bad Church.

    The Number one rule. Trust yourself. If you get a feeling in your gut "something isn't right", investigate that feeling. Don't wait and don't except excuses. If someones honest, they will always answer to criticism and appreciate it eventually.

    There are literally millions of churches and faiths in this world. If you are drawn to worship, make sure you are looking out for people who wish to prey off of your prayers.

  • iwasblind

    Hi Defiant

    I am in the same mindset as you. I love fellowshipping with Christ everyday with me and my wife. He is the one who woke me up to this insidious crap.

    I will probably never "belong" to a church, but I will fellowship when I find the right group or when I feel Father directing me there.

    Thank you for sharing - God bless you.

  • FayeDunaway
    I would add one...tho the information control came close.
    If your church says 'don't research us. Just read about us what we give you' it is...I guarantee...a bad church!
  • David_Jay

    You may also want to note how their theology is built. If they use a multiple array of methods, using critical (analytical) approaches while not dismissing traditional views, you may have found a good group. (Most Christian denominations, Protestant and Catholic, share an ecumenical base of theology that is academically sound while remaining historically based in apostolic tradition.)

    If they use a Bible translation produced by an ecumenical board of translators, this is also a good sign. (And if they allow study from several different versions, this is another good sign.)

    If they have good relations with other Christian faiths as well as open dialogue with non-Christian ones (yes, even atheists), you are likely in good company.

    Of course, it may not be a "church" you feel spiritually called to. Some people go to Temple or a synagogue. It may even be a mosque you choose. So while this post is mainly about those searching for a Christian congregation, rest assured many of these points are universal and can be applied in most religious situations.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    If you find a church that condemns people to hell because of what they believe or disbelieve, you might want to look elsewhere. If they feel like all Jews will suffer in a fiery, neverending hell because they don't believe in Jesus, you might also want to give them a pass.

    Of all the JW doctrines, which would you keep and which would you deep-six? I assume the JW version of Armageddon would be on the chopping block. But how about soul sleeping? The resurrection? Trinity? Hell? Futurism? (The dispersion and gathering of Judah, the building of the third Jewish temple, the coming of Gog from the north, the two prophets, second coming, millennial reign.)

  • zeb
    "I love fellowshipping with Christ everyday" I 'll go with that.
  • cofty
    If you find a church that makes its members wear magic underwear you have found another cult.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    If the church wants you to reject important parts of accepted science, you've found a bad church.

    Man how I recall walking through a museum about prehistoric humans, tools and settlements and thinking 'yeah right, as if these scientists know what they are talking about' whenever a date older than 4000BCE was mentioned... Silly me.

  • Carol1111
    A church which invites discussion and questions about the Bible would be a good start. One that does not have a human leader.
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    There's too much to see, too much to learn, too much to know, and too much to experience to waste a single second caught up in the dogma of another church or religion. Pursue the knowable. Pursue what can actually be established as true. Pursue worthwhile activities that can make THIS world a better place.

    There is no shortcut to knowledge. If you want to know what's true you're going to have to get out there and find it. You're going to have to do hard intellectual work.

    But it's work that is rewarding and worthwhile and can make you a better person. If you want to be spiritual - if you want to understand your place in the universe - then perhaps the best way for you to do that is by understanding something about the world we live in.

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