Yesterday was my B-day, feeling sorry for myself

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  • bittersweet

    Ok, so I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. Pity party happening here.

    So yesterday was my birthday, and until I went to work at 4 PM, not a single birthday wish came my way ( actually, I did get a couple birthday wishes from web sites I had joined, lol ). I should be used to this of course. Most of my family is JW. I'm not quite sure why I let it get to me. Maybe I was just hopng for a phone call or something, from a relative who may have remembered ( my dad isn't a jw, but god forbid he actually remember the day I was born ). I don't know.( it may also be due to the fact that Sunday is Mothers day, and I know that won't be acknowledged either ).

    On a happier note, at work they all wished me a happy birthday. I even got a bouquet of flowers from one. And a good friend of mine got me a gift, one of the best ( and funniest ) gifts I ever got, because of the thought behind it. This friend and I were discussing childhood one day, and we got on the topic of toys. Any way, I had told her I didn't have many toys growing up because my family didn't have much money. I was envious of one of my friends growing up because she had the toy baby alive ( you had to feed this doll and then change her diaper ). So my friend Jen got me a doll ( it wasn't baby alive, but just as good ), one that talks and responds to your voice. Now how funny is that? Giving a woman who just turned 34 a childs doll for her birthday! But it was one of the best gifts I ever got, because of the thought behind it.

  • Gopher

    If there was ever a post that matched the poster's name, this one is it. The first part was slightly bitter, while the second part was SWEET !

    What a bunch of kind workmates you have there!! Their generosity is not unexpected, because "worldly" people are so nice.

    As far as the earlier part of the day, I think you set yourself up for some disappointment there. There is absolutely no way any JW relative would even dream of acknowledging your birthday, much less congratulate you on it. Even saying the word "birthday" is something most JW's superstitiously avoid. Don't let their lack of kindness victimize you. Feel good, great, happy about your birthday. It's a milestone you can be happy about! Be quietly and confidently self-sustaining if nobody is there to make you feel good about yourself. Satisfaction starts with being good to yourself. You don't need others to validate you.

    Oh - and belated happy birthday!!

  • Prisca

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    PS. We're the same age (I turn 34 in October).

  • ChrisVance

    Happy birthday.

  • calamityjane

    Happy belated 34th birthday. Glad you ended up having a great day at work.



  • cruzanheart

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belatedly)!!!


  • JamesThomas
  • bittersweet

    (((((( Gopher )))))) (((((( Prisca )))))) (((((( Calamityjane )))))) (((((( Chrisvance )))))) (((((( Nina )))))) (((((( JamesThomas )))))) Thanks guys! You always make me feel better!!

    Btw, looks like a Happy Anniversary goes out to Chrisvance. May 8th 2001 is your Anniversary date on this forum!

    Everyones greetings were lovely, but I have to say to JamesThomas, I never got a dancing cow greeting before! Thanks! And to concernedmama, if you read this, thanks for your e-card, I loved it!And to Prisca, I will always be a few months older than youso you can tease me about being old! LOL

  • mouthy

    What we missed that day! Oh A very happy belated birthday .....May you have many.many more -Your such a sweetie... Nothing bitter about you...(hug)

  • rocketman

    Happy Birthday Bittersweet!!

    Let's trade a decade. That would make me 34 and you 44. Deal?

    I'm glad that at least the folks at work acknowledged your birthday. As for jws, they say they don't "celebrate" them, but since when is a simple acknowledgement the same as a celebration? But alas, they avoid even the appearance of recognizing a birthday.

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