New to JWD, Hello!

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  • jwundubbed

    My story in a nutshell...

    Born-in. Scientist for a father; extremely mentally ill, 'annointed' mother. Was privy to and also suffered a lot of abuse. Attempted suicide at 15 (TMI for some but it was a crucial point in my life.... and it was the catalyst for great changes). Got baptized without permission at 17-18ish. Began suffering the affects of severe PTSD. Shunned by all the JW family based on a rumor my little sister started. Left the cult at about age 20ish. My dad and my elder sister left about the same time. My little brother left a couple years later. Spent many years recovering from the damage done by the cult and an abusive parent. My sister, my mother, and my entire maternal extended family are all still in and still shunning me. That's okay, I shun them right back. Got my bachelor's degree in 2014. I don't suffer from PTSD anymore, but do have a lingering panic disorder that I will always suffer from due to the severity of the PTSD that I suffered. Life is hard but good.

    I'm not normally the kind of person who advocates shunning but I find it necessary and the healthiest choice in my personal circumstances. I tried forgiving and forgetting and it didn't work out so well for me. I tend to be passionate and intellectual. I am very opinionated and some of my opinions are way out there. I love a good debate, but I won't press my point unless the circumstances are right for it. I'm a bit of a nerd/geek but not at all tech savvy. Numbers and I do not work well together. So, any time I relate a date, time, time-frame, or any other kind of number take it with a large dose of salt. I have a serious personality and my sense of humor is dry, sarcastic, and not very good actually. I do like a good sense of humor in others, but I don't always get a joke and am often a good target for jokes. Se la vi. I am working on finding my career. My hobbies are usually about writing, creating art, and watching TV/movies. I am trying to get myself into being more physically active for entertainment, but it's hard. Who wants to go for a run when you can watch someone else do it with far more hilarity and in the comfort of your nice comfy sofa? So, that just about sums me up. I can't wait to get to know this forum, and its members, better.


    P.S. people often call me 'jwun' or 'undub' for short. I like both just the same.

  • Simon

    Welcome to the site!

    Hope you enjoy it here.

  • Funchback


    Got my bachelor's degree in 2014


  • jwundubbed

    @Funchback, Thank you!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Your father was a scientist? Literally? Tell us more about him!

  • David_Jay

    Welcome. I enjoyed your "nutshell." Can't wait to learn more about you and get to experience more of what you have to offer (I have enjoyed reading your comments on other threads today).

    And can any sense of humor be that bad if it is dry and sarcastic? I salt my food with dry sarcasm, that's how much I love it.

  • aubergine

    Hey undub,

    Good to hear your background story, I'm sorry you've had such a rough time growing up.

    I love that you are doing so well now, and you chose to put all the rest behind you, although some stuff just won't leave completely. (PTSD for me too.) And like you, I'm a refugee from JWR. Good to find you here. :-)

    Your posts on JWR really made think, and your sense of humor is right on!

  • jwundubbed
    Your father was a scientist? Literally? Tell us more about him!

    @Village Idiot,

    Yep. He really is an actual scientist. I can neither pronounce nor spell is title/type of scientist he is. But he works with electron-microscopes. He was actually the top guy in his field for a long time and companies would hire him to set up their microscopes and teach people how to use them. What would you like to know about him?

    He spent my formative years working his way through to his doctorate. He started questioning the cult when I was still a kid. He went so far as to learn Greek so that he could read the original context of the Greek scriptures and he would study that during meetings! He started wearing a beard, because there is no actual scriptural basis against that, when I was in my teens. By the time I was in high school he was inactive.

    And can any sense of humor be that bad if it is dry and sarcastic?

    @David Jay,

    Well, it certainly isn't good when I get a big kick out of telling my boss 'No' because he asked me something completely rhetorical. Boss: "Jwun, can I unlock and take that register?" Me: either 'No.' or 'I don't know, can you?' Bosses don't like that. I find it immensely funny. I am working on stifling myself at those times. Think it, don't say it.

    But thank you!


    Good to see you too! And thanks!

  • millie210

    I already like your sense of humor....watching people run from the vantage of a nice comfy sofa indeed! (Im in!)

    I shall call you "undub" as I like that one and you gave me a choice. :>)

    Welcome to the forum, Im glad you are here!

  • jwundubbed


    I'm glad to know some people like my sense of humor... Thanks for the welcome!

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