Father's Day is tomorrow (in the US). Why is it wrong?

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  • millie210

    I love that original post, thanks!

    More and more it seems that a lot of the holidays were forbidden to JWs just to make them stand out as different from the world.

    I guess there is nothing wrong with that as long as you state it clearly. To say that you want people to NOT celebrate something so they can stand out as different is at least honest.

    To say that a holiday such as Fathers Day is "forbidden" in the scriptures or that it is wrong religiously with no substantive reason, is dishonest and manipulative.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Hubby, son and I are going kayaking for Father's Day tomorrow.

    Enjoy it, everyone!

  • Diogenesister

    Not " honouring" your father on father's day ( or mothers day) is just another way of seperating the JW " herd" from the rest of humanity - heaven knows we musn't have them identifying with their fellow man. Smiling at the card store at a colleague doing the same, discusing with a schoolchum what gift you want to buy, waving to a neighbour and his parents at the same restaurant you take your mum to. No integration, no sir!!!

    Oh, and they want the cash you might spend on dads golf balls and after shave in the GB's pockets of course.

  • jwundubbed

    I looked up the definition of 'honour'. Most dictionaries relate the word to mean 'respect, hold in great esteem'. There was one tiny little reference to it being used to mean 'to worship'. My guess would be that possibly in the 50's more people were familiar with the term as a definition synonymous with 'worship' or that regardless of the era the GB chose to define 'hounour' as 'worship'.

    That is one of their tricks in writing these articles. They take words that have many meanings (or even just a single meaning) and define those words in very specific ways to suit their own purposes. It is actually often very subtle when they do it so that you would be hard pressed to point out the moment at which they have altered the English language (or any other language for that matter) to suit their desires.

  • Marcial

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  • ttdtt
    But nowhere in the Bible do we find that parents are to be worshiped...

    Well talk about a giant leap:)

    Is it common for kids to sacrifice animals on fathers or mothers day?
    Though I would not like that - I would be awesome for my kids to build a Temple for me?
    Preferably one with a 60 inch TV!

  • Wayward

    Lets say we accept the idea that Mother's Day, Father's Day and birthdays are acts of worshipping humans. No Bible basis whatsoever, (the Bible even tells us specifically to 'honor thy father and thy mother) but lets say we accept it anyway. Now, if you accept that logic, then the logical next step would be to say that graduations, baby and wedding showers, wedding receptions and wedding anniversaries are worshipping humans. But very few JWs see those celebrations as worship. That makes no sense. Those celebrations are still focusing attention on a person.

    I should know by now not to look for logic when it comes to JWs!

  • leaving_quietly

    @Wayward, YES! Exactly what I was thinking. The whole thing makes no sense. If my wife wants to spend a whole day with one of her nieces and treat them special, take them out to lunch, buy them gifts, what is the difference between that and a birthday? A date on the calendar? What silly logic!

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