Blood Cards on File with the Elders?

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  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    I have a question for elders here or recent elders. Were the elders, in the last 10 years, given instruction to keep a copy of every publishers blood card on file at the kh?

    We moved to our current cong 6 years ago, and shortly after we moved in, the BOE requested everyone update and give a copy of card to the KH. My husband questioned them about this, and they were vague as to the reason, and finally said sometimes people lose their card and then need it and so it's a good idea for the elders to have it on file. Then an elder wanted us to fill them out on the spot while he looked over our shoulder telling us what options to choose. My husband said "No, we will take them home to fill out." When we got home, hubby told me he didn't want ours on file. No need because we are each other's healthcare agents and our alternative agent is a relative from another cong. So we did that. But a month later they were hounding us again, so we conceded and gave them to them. The original elder was clearly disapproving of our how we had filled them out, and that we didn't list anyone from our cong on emergency contacts or healthcare agents.

    We had never been in a cong that keeps blood card copies at the kh. So I was wondering if that was an organizational change or just a local thing?

    It makes me nervous that they have a legal document that I signed. I am slowly fading, so far successfully, but my spouse is still "in". Does it matter? Or should I try to get it back?

  • blondie

    They are really not blood cards any more but healthcare power of attorneys. It is "voluntary" to leave a copy with the elders but they don't have to be the HC proxy...any person you selected can be. Laws change state by state in the US so that can prompt a change if you had one on file with the congregation. We left ours with them when we left 15 years ago but updated it with our clinic, doctors, billing office, and got new proxies and notified non-jw relatives. When the laws change the WTS updates the forms. You could just ask them to destroy the old forms and get new forms and neglect or keep forgetting to give them a copy.

    *** km 1/10 p. 7 Are You Putting It Off? ***

    Are You Putting It Off?

    Putting what off? Filling out the DPA (durable power of attorney) card that is provided for baptized Witnesses. Since “you do not know what your life will be tomorrow,” it is crucial that you decide in advance and indicate in writing what treatments and procedures you would accept in a medical emergency. (Jas. 4:14; Acts 15:28, 29) To help you, the video Transfusion-Alternative Health Care—Meeting Patient Needs and Rights has been produced. View it, and then prayerfully review what you learned with the help of the questions set out below.—Note: Because the video includes brief surgical scenes, parents should use discretion in viewing the video with young children.

    (1) Why are some in the medical community reevaluating the use of blood transfusions? (2) Give three examples of complex surgeries that have been performed without blood transfusions. (3) How many physicians and surgeons worldwide have indicated their willingness to treat patients without blood transfusions? Why are they willing to do so? (4) What have recent hospital studies revealed about blood use? (5) What are the medical risks associated with blood transfusions? (6) What conclusion have many experts reached regarding the benefits of transfusion alternatives? (7) What causes anemia? How tolerable is it in humans? What can be done to compensate for it? (8) How can red-cell production be stimulated in a patient’s body? (9) What techniques are being used to minimize blood loss during surgery? (10) Can transfusion alternatives work for young children or for people involved in life-threatening emergencies? (11) What is one of the primary ethical principles of good medical care? (12) Why is it important for Christians to make nonblood treatment choices in advance? How can we do this?

    Acceptance of some of the treatments featured in the video is a matter for private decision in accord with each one’s Bible-trained conscience. Have you taken a clear position on which medical treatments and procedures you are willing to accept for yourself and your children and then filled out a DPA card? For a complete discussion of these matters, carefully review chapter 7 of the “God’s Love” book and the references mentioned therein. See also the insert “How Do I View Blood Fractions and Medical Procedures Involving My Own Blood?” in the November 2006 issue of Our Kingdom Ministry. Finally, be sure you have accurately transferred your choices to your DPA card. Your selected health-care agents and any non-Witness family members should be fully informed of your decisions.

    [Box on page 7]

    Have you determined which medical treatments and procedures you are willing to accept for yourself and your children?

    Are you carrying a completed DPA card in case of an emergency?

  • Giordano

    If you put 'blood cards' in search (top of page) it will have info on your question.

    If you have ever put that no blood request at any hospital or doctors office as a JW anyplace you might be treated at you need to go in person and have your information updated.

    IF your husband is still a believer you should carry a medical directive card that allows the hospital to provide any and all treatments they deem necessary.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken
    Thanks Blondie! The article you referenced was the only recent thing I was aware of regarding the DPA/blood cards. I just was curious if there was pressure on the elders to have copies at the kh, or if the locals just took it upon themselves to enforce a mere a suggestion.
  • EyesOpenHeartBroken
    Thanks Gio! Good idea.
  • freddo

    Normally the Secretary keeps on file all those who lodge a copy of their AMD/Blood card with the congregation. Every 5 years he should encourage you to fill out a new one to keep them up to date.

    Once a year or two there is a reminder through the KM and the Secretary usually reminds everyone to fill one out.

    In my hall there is "encouragement" to complete one so that if there is an emergency and you are sparked out then the liason committee can act upon your wishes on your behalf.

    There is no compulsion but keen group overseers can get on your case.

    I have never known an elder - or when I was an elder - any pressure as to choices as to fractions etc.

    Just say "no". Don't explain further.

  • DarioKehl
    That elder was way out of line telling you which options are "correct." If god's organization provided options from which you chose, none of them can be "wrong." How dare he! This is a personal choice--he can't force his opinion onto something this important. What an invasion of privacy. You need to report this to the CO. As horrible as the blood policy is, he's way overstepped his boundaries as an elder.
  • Ignoranceisbliss
    There has been a recent effort to keep the blood cards on file. At our hall each service group coordinator is responsible for collecting those of his group. I am fairly sure that there was a letter more recent than that KM regarding this but I have no idea when it was.
  • ttdtt

    We never had copies of Blood Cards kept by elders, and I have never seen a letter to that?

    Blood cards are signed and witnessed, no one has ever been asked to sign 2 and give one to the elders?
    Where are you getting this?

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    Ttdtt- this is what happened in our hall, that's where I got it from.

    I was taken aback, that's why posed the question in the OP, wondering if it was a global or local initiative.

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