Positive Topic - ‘Good Elders’ or Extra Special Kindness shown by elders

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  • Confusedalot

    Thanks for this topic.

    Many of us, after realizing TTATT, have a lot of anger, and unfortunately the elders are 'the face of the org' and much of our anger gets directed at them (realized this when reading some of my older posts). I'm not saying they were all great loving people, just that some of them may have been misled and controlled just as I was at one stage.

    Many are well meaning, having a true devotion to God, but are also trapped. My thoughts and prayers also go to them. I think it may be very hard for and elder to get out after seeing TTATT.

    On the other hand many of them could be described as just plain evil, but recently I try not to make it personal and just use it to justify the truth that the org is not guided by spirit, and aim my anger at the org.

  • ToesUp

    Yes, we new some good Elders but as one poster said above, in the end they will tow the party line. A cult has a tight grip on people. Even good people. These Elders THINK they are doing the right thing and that Jah is watching them. Like I said...It's a tight grip. TRUST NO ONE!!!

  • Giordano

    Sure there are and were good 'Elders'. In my day we didn't have elders we had the presiding ministers and servants.

    I think the Elder system has backfired because it lumps Elders in as equals which seems to have intensified Elder competition and power grabbing. Added to that the Society has run out of any meaningful doctrine that benefits it's followers. Their corporate conduct is now firmly woven into their dogma. By over reaching they have painted themselves into a corner. To compensate they have added new rules, more discipline and have tightened down the rules that impact families.

    I don't know how someone can be called a good Elder if they stand for the Blood ban.

    If they agree that the GB comes first, if they have no time for the old and the sick.That is a level of recklessness that is stunning.

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