Pharaoh tries to kill all male babies - later Moses orders the very same thing!

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    Before a person moves into a new home, who should feed any cockroach eggs and baby rats living there? Send them over?.....Fisherman

    What else should we expect?..

    This is the same WBT$/JW Apologist..

    Who defends WatchTowers Protection of Pedophiles..

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  • Fisherman
    AT least the minor children killed by the Israelite soldiers at the events in the scriptures above, will have a resurrection.

    Commentary;God decides who he will resurrect. How do you know what God will do?

    I guess I seem not to made the point clear, did god put himself in the place of those babies.

    If someone orders a pound of bolony at the store, who should call you to measure how much a pound of bolony weighs or why it should weigh that much?

    But maybe God should judge everyone that challenges God's justice according to their way?

    I don't have a problem with GOD's justice -even when I suffer evil. And when I am being harassed, I want it to stop and God can do whatever it takes to bring me relief.

  • redvip2000
    What about the woman's manicured nails? All perfectly sized and shaped, as if she has just had a morning appointment at Nail World.

    Lol....that's a great catch. I never noticed it. I don't quite remember if that's supposed to be the hand of the slave the gave him away or the hand of the egyptian that found him, but even if it was royalty, there is no way that anybody at that time had manicured nails.

  • Fisherman

    Outlaw, you should address the subject matter being discussed.


    Outlaw, you should address the subject matter being discussed.....Fisherman

    You posted that crap..

    Now your crap is open to discussion/criticism..

  • Fisherman

    Oulaw, you have not done that. All that you have done is say things about what I have posted and about me. You need to express your views about the topic not about me. It does not count towards the points being discussed.

    You need to express your views about the topic not about me.....Fisherman

    You don`t dictate the narrative of a thread..

    Your importance stopped when you walked out the Kingdom Hall door..

    You`re in the real world now..

  • David_Jay

    While a lot of Christians (and Jehovah's Witnesses) often read these texts with approval of the death of the Egyptians (and others of God's "enemies"), Jewish exegesis isn't as forgiving or accepting. Too often these Jewish texts are judged merely by their Christian interpretations, whereas those of the Jews get ignored. The result is often like judging a movie by the words of someone who misunderstood the film instead of watching it on its own terms and perhaps listening to the commentary track of the film's producers to make sure you've got the correct understanding of it before coming to a conclusion.

    To begin with, the narrative of the Ten Plagues is not taken as literal history by the Jews. Did you ever notice how often the Egyptians lose their animals to plagues? There is one plague where all the livestock die, but in the plague of hail there is still Egyptian livestock leftover to die in that plague. If all these animals died twice over, where did the firstborn of animals come from to die at Passover? With all the animals dead, where did the Egyptians get their horses to drive their chariots? Didn't they all die at least once? You mean after killing them three times over, those horses still came back to life in order to chase down the Israelites? If you ask me, that's some pretty poor delivering of us Israelites by God. First thing he should have done is made sure those horses stayed dead!

    Starting to get the picture? It would take much too long for me to go through all the details (you could simply read "The Jewish Study Bible" which employs the JPS text of the Tanakh for a concise introduction into how these texts are meant to be employed by their authors), but there's a lot of "dying" that goes on in this narrative that doesn't really mean what JWs and Christians tell you it means.

    You are judging the monotheistic God concept of Judaism not by its theology but by its legendary description of the Exodus (and it's not even the one we annually repeat on Passover in our Haggadahs either). And to make matters worse, you are using basically the same interpretation of this tale taught to you by a cult (of all things), and making a conclusion about God on that basis.

    Mind you, I'm all for atheism. The love of my life was an atheist. Many practicing Jews are atheists. Give me an atheist for a friend over a theist any day!

    But you might want to employ just a little more logic here. This isn't a factual story. We didn't get Passover from the Exodus (we were likely celebrating Passover before we were slaves in Egypt). If we don't read what's written in Exodus on Passover night when we reenact our Seders on the most holiest of our days, obviously something's amiss in the conclusions you may be making here on this thread. Ever wonder where our wine use comes from? Why the roasted egg? Why don't we paint our doors with blood on Passover like the Torah demands here? Exodus is far more complex than what some are reducing it to here.

    I get it. You don't believe in God. You may be concentrating specifically on what JWs have taught, I get that. But you are also nevertheless dealing with cultural subjects which are currently under attack around the world right now in a new wave of anti-Semitism. A little differentiation may be called for. And I am sure that some here may be applying their opinions not just against JWs teachings but to this cherished part of Jewish culture in general.

    Remember, don't judge the Jewish religion, it's monotheistic concept, or its text merely by what a crazy cult from upstate N.Y. taught you. If you're gonna criticize it, at least do it based on our own Jewish exegesis.

  • Jehalapeno
    But you are also nevertheless dealing with cultural subjects which are currently under attack around the world right now in a new wave of anti-Semitism.

    Being anti-religion is not being an anti-semite. I have several friends that are ethnically Jewish, but are level headed atheists and don't worship the murderous maniac YHWH.

  • David_Jay


    If you got that I was saying these comments on this thread were anti-Semitic then you didn't read my post well enough.

    What I am saying is that people are coming to conclusions about the Exodus account based on what non-Jewish people have taught them--or worse judging it on the interpretation of a crazy-ass cult that tells people the deaths in Exodus are literal.

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