Pharaoh tries to kill all male babies - later Moses orders the very same thing!

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  • waton

    and before that, every first born, likely many of them very young, were killed by the angel that passed over during the passover fly-by mission,

    specifically targeted, not collateral damage like in London, Coventry , Dresden, Hiroshima, Aleppo.

  • jws

    And as long as you're on the whole Moses and Pharaoh thing, notice that there were several times when Pharaoh was about the let the Israelites go, but God hardened his heart.

    So this was basically the way for a cruel and sadistic god to inflict plagues and pain upon a nation that didn't have to happen. That Pharaoh was changing his mind on, but god changed it back so that he could do more plagues. Sick.

  • Chook

    The spoil of wars for the Jews was kill ALL male and females except young virgin girls ISIS has same policy.

  • Fisherman
    That is what Moses did to the Midianites.

    Can you read the Bible several times more?

    Nu 22:7 So the elders of Moʹab and the elders of Midʹi·an traveled with the fee for divination in their hands and went to Baʹlaam and conveyed to him Baʹlak’s message.
    Nu 25:1-3 When Israel was dwelling in Shitʹtim, the people started to commit sexual immorality with the daughters of Moʹab.2The women invited the people to the sacrifices of their gods, and the people began to eat and to bow down to their gods.3So Israel joined in worship of the Baʹal of Peʹor, and Jehovah became enraged with Israel.
    "Harass the Midʹi·an·ites and strike them down,18because they have been HARASSING YOU....."
    31 Jehovah then told Moses: 2 “Take VENGEANCE for the Israelites on the Midʹi·an·ite
  • sir82

    How exactly did the babies harass the Israelites?

    What did the babies do that necessitated vengeance?

  • dubstepped

    Lol, someone tried to preach at me last night about how God was just giving people of the nations a taste of their own medicine. Way to raise the bar and prove your ways are higher than theirs and your thoughts than their thoughts God!

  • Fisherman
    How exactly did the babies harass the Israelites?
    What did the babies do that necessitated vengeance?

    That is a question for the AVENGER.

    Maybe God should send them over your way?

    Very effective way of stopping Midian and her descendants from harassing Israel anymore and in the future, though. Wouldn't you agree?

  • dubstepped

    Your AVENGER is like a bad superhero that saves people here and there while killing animals and babies en masse while on the way. His morals are in contradiction to his own moral guidelines and are lesser than a good, though imperfect, human parent. Of course, you're a blind JW, so I don't expect you to be able to see or think for yourself, using that God given free will and brain.

  • sparky1

    "THOU SHALT NOT KILL" * - Number 6 of the 10 Commandments from Jehovah

    * Addendum: "Unless of course I command you to". - JEHOVAH

  • neverendingjourney

    Slightly off topic, but someone on facebook posted an article about a transgender woman in Brazil who was beaten and then shot to death in the middle of a street. I didn't watch the video that was included in the article, but the screencap on the front page was enough to make my stomach turn.

    After reflecting on it for a while, it occurred to me that I was waiting on exactly this sort of thing when I was a JW. In a twisted way using JW (or Christian/Jewish/Muslim) logic, one could say these people only ran ahead of God's chariot in carrying out the judgment instead of waiting on him to do it.

    It's appalling and I'm embarrassed to have ever supported such a view, however passively.

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