Do you live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona

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  • HappyDad

    Out of curiosity, I recently looked up a person (JW) on Facebook who was a very good friend of mine years ago in Western Pennsylvania. His family moved to Arizona about 15 or so years ago. Since I left the JW's and he didn't, I never contacted him again. He and his family were mistreated as much as my family was and we both shared the same complaints about the congregation and the organization as a whole. And we both got pissed off about the same "holier than thou" elders in power positions.

    What surprised me is that his Facebook page is viewable by the public and his posts are very political in nature, and slightly "God Fearing" in that some of the posts are re-posts that ask for prayers for this or that. That seems to be quite unusual for an active JW. I don't want to friend request him at this time, but I sure am curious if he has finally woke up.

    So.....if my friend who is a transplant to an Arizona suburb from Western Pennsylvania, and happens to be a member of this discussion group, it would be great to hear from him.

  • waton

    anthem AZ

    very interesting sundial 11/11/ at 11 am. each year.

    Predictions do come true, if based on facts, just not wt's forte.

  • Stuck in the middle37
    Stuck in the middle37

    We moved in to the Phoenix area 6 yrs. ago, but since we left about 10 yrs. ago we don't know any one.

  • TD

    Phoenix has suburbs, like Arcadia and South Mountain village, but when most people use the word, they're actually talking about one of the surrounding cities like Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Avondale, etc.

    Taken together, the entire metropolitan area is more than 14,000 square miles,

  • HappyDad

    TD.............thanks for the clarification.

  • RubaDub

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