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  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I went to my midweek meeting this week. Very interesting....Couple of things I noticed in The God's Rule Book, this week finishing up "The Kingdom is born in Heaven". There was a footnote that read:For many years The Watch Tower was intended mainly for members of the little flock for their personal edification. When the conductor asked the question for para. 36, he didn't say, & you can cooperate the footnote in your comments...Not one person commented on the footnote...I think it shocked the friends....So the WT was only for the Anointed, ummm...& how did they know who were the anointed...aren't they a secret...I think that footnote blew folks away. The question for para.36 was...What showed that God's people were reviving spiritually...Most of the comments came from the paragraph, but again, no one added the footnote...I was going to say that God's people were spiritually revived because the WT was opened up to the Great Crowd, so Jehovah wanted all to benefit from his/Org. spiritual food.

    In another paragraph, but I don't see it on line, they mention that they wanted: Anointed & Publishers...I have the book & so on line it's been updated, but, to advertise for Anointed...we need more anointed...what the heck...I can't copy & paste it for you but it's in the actual book, so no need to check...if I get a chance to find it I'll come back & tell you what paragraph it was in....So the org. is trying get us to be loyal to them, this book is giving the struggles of how this religion came about so, when we do hear of the ARC, we still won't believe it & think it's persecution....they are setting the stage...This book is trying to endear us to the ORG. I see the hand writing on the wall.

    Did anyone go to the midweek meeting this week & see what I saw ?

    Let the games begin....


  • sir82

    I think that footnote blew folks away.


    Here's the thoughts behind the glassy-eyed thousand-yard stares you saw:

    "Wonder who's winning the World Series?"

    "Can't wait 'til I get home to polish off that 6-pack"

    "Which club should I hit this Friday?"

    "Hope my dentures are well fixed"

    Well over 95% of JWs don't give a crap what the meeting is about. Everything - literally 100% - is forgotten on the ride home.

    For the most part, the only people who care about the idiocy of WT doctrine are the apostates who pick it apart.

  • tor1500

    Hi again,

    I found it, was under one of the charts: Prepared for the Birth of Kingdom...


    Multipage tracts (some over 100 pages long) are published and provided to Watch Tower readers for free public distribution

    The Watch Tower invites all readers to commemorate the Memorial in Allegheny, Pennsylvania

    Colporteur work begins

    Articles such as “Wanted 1,000 Preachers” and “Anointed to Preach” promote the ministry

    Christians who are not yet doing so are encouraged to begin holding meetings regularly.

    I made an error in my previous post, I said they said, Wanted Publishers, but it was really Preachers....ok that alright, but Wanted: Anointed to Preach....uh ? So the anointed had to answer a want ad...what the heck? Now I know most of the friends are brain dead, but not to this extent...I really think most of them saw it but afraid to mention it but to think the nerve to say this...so any old body can say I'm anointed and answer the ad to preach.

    Am I wrong ?


  • tor1500

    @ Doubtful,

    You are so right...even when we go out in service the conductor tells us where we are going, everyone appears to either right it down or put it on their mobile devices...We go outside, and the first thing one of the friends ask, where are we going?

    I watch them in the hall, & you are so correct...they don't even remember the comment they made...they sitting looking like they are taking it in but all the time...their mind is somewhere else...

    I think most of them have attention span issue...you can tell them something & the next minute it's gone right out of their minds...what's that about?

    They come out for service with nothing..no pens, pencils, paper, literature....& mind you these are seasoned witnesses...not newbies...

    As many on this site say, most witnesses are just going through the motions...They do their time, do a few return visits, go out to be seen....

    All I can say is amazing...

    Again, they don't see nothing...I was telling one sister, that DF'ing is a form of control, just like in other churches Hell is a form of control. All religions hold something tragic over peoples heads to keep them in line, it's either DF'in or Hell...both control or supposed to control our actions...she said...she never thought about it...

    I think that's the operative word..."THINK". To be a witness you don't have to think...everything is wrapped up in a little package for us...believe it & keep it moving...So when they check off things to do list...Take Garbage out, check, don't forget to pick-up from cleaners, check, stop at the store for milk, check...My Spirituality...went to the meetings, did my WT & Christian life, kind of heard what the brothers said from the platform (although I don't remember, was thinking about something else) & went out for 2 hrs., check....To do list for the week...Completed..


  • Ding

    Forty or fifty years ago, by and large JWs were informed on WT doctrine and eager to refute people who challenged it at the door.

    Today, it seems that most JWs prefer to stand silently next to carts and refer outsiders to the website if they have any questions.

  • Crazyguy

    It's has become just a social club where they can gather be with the only friends thier allowed to have and think of themselves special because thier in gods organization. Then they go home to thier meaningless pathetic useless lives until the next meeting.

  • pale.emperor

    Cummon guys, when we were "in" what did we do for most of the convention? Pale Emperor was sketching, writing stories, reading more interesting bible bits with lots of killing and waiting for the lunch break so he could meet girls.

  • prologos
    .t 550: :-- but, to advertise for Anointed...we need more anointed.

    You are reading current meaning into past ,- and rewritten history. If all JWs had your eagerness to "examine whether these things were really so" : Beroean style, reason would have overwhelmed WT long ago. yeah, they wanted more "colporteurs" from the french "Carriers of Parcels", dumb pack mules.

  • schnell

    Fascinating. I haven't even looked into that book and haven't gone with my wife to the meeting.

    Maybe I just can't get past the title.

  • skin

    In this weeks (24th Oct 2016) Congregational book study. Near the end of this weeks study is this:


    Consider some historical events from the decades leading up to 1914. Can you see how these developments helped God’s people to be prepared for the birth of the Messianic Kingdom?"

    Notice anything wrong with this? or misleading? Most JW's would have no idea what Russell was really teaching before 1914, (and up until the 1930's). Just the modern days WT reversion of its History. For those that don't see what is misleading with this title. Both Rutherford & Russell preached and published both before and after 1914, was that the birth of this Messianic Kingdom happened in 1874, and Christ was given rulership of that Kingdom in 1878. So how could Gods people be preparing for this birth, when at the time, it had already happened!.

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