Weasel Word Phrase--The Bible Does Not Say...but

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    Very good comments, everyone. You get the picture, but it is hard to leave for almost all of us, we all have a different moment that makes us finally really leave. I call it the "aha moment" and sometimes it takes several "aha moments" before we leave. It took 5 more years before I left after 3 "aha moments" at one circuit assembly. I told my then jw elder husband, I was leaving at the break on Sunday and I was taking the car home, and if didn't want to come with me, then he had to find a ride home. He came with me, smart him, he had had his fill of deceptive elders. I never went again to anything, meetings, assemblies or conventions, weddings or showers, funerals, someone's child first talk or adult first public talk, nada. I accepted no visits but was not mean about it, thanked for thinking of me but not a good time (they never call and make an appointment, just stop at a time convenient for them). I accepted no literature, no emails, no letters, no phone calls or texts. It has been 20 years, I knew it was the right decision when I got up Sunday morning, when I wanted to, read the newspaper as I drank my coffee and read the newspaper. Ate the breakfast my still jw husband but not for long as he planned a quiet as possible fading away. It was the best decision we ever made. I got up this morning, drank my coffee, had pancakes and strawberries. I went out and started planting the flower beds as my husband planted the garden. It all looks good. Try not to lose the momentum you have now, find non-jws and/or sources that will support you emotionally and financially with that decision. I feel returning is like returning to the vomit.

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    What is the purpose of weasel words?
    11 Weasel Words to Avoid in Conversation at All Costs
    "Weasel words" are a colloquial term for words or phrases used to avoid being forthright. Weasel words are used when the speaker wants to make it seem like they've given a clear answer to a question or made a direct statement, when actually they've said something inconclusive or vague. In a religious (cult) context https://applygodsword.com/signs-of-a-cult-leader/

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    Excellent exposure of WTC weasel words Blondie. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the life that you have!

    The Bible does not say, but it is reasonable to that the gift of life should be enjoyed, even if doing so means ignoring rules and procedures put in place by those claiming to represent the true God.

    There - I hope that sweetens the coffee!

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