Prophecy that Really isn't Prophetic

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  • metatron

    In my final years as a Witness , I began to have doubts about all the Watchtower's claimed prophecies.

    Example: Rev. 11 "God will bring to ruin those who ruin the earth". This is heralded as proof that men would be

    polluting the earth "in the last days". This, I concluded, was utter nonsense. There is no proof whatsoever that John

    was talking about industrial waste or smog - because industry didn't exist.

    The "earth" was judged to be "ruined" in Noah's day because of violence. "Earth" meant land, or country - or the people

    living on it - as with the Tower of Babel -- "now all the earth continued to be of one language".

    This is fake prophecy because you are using the popular mental images of the 20th century - with spherical planets,

    spacecraft, and smelters belching smoke and slyly connecting this with words like "earth" and "ruin". You have no

    proof that pollution is the intended meaning - especially because the Bible says almost nothing about ecology or preserving

    the environment - THOSE ARE 'WORLDLY' STANDARDS, things of little importance to Bible writers who apparently didn't

    see any EXPLICIT need to worry about species extinction or mercury in their fish.

    Another fake prophecy? The Gentile Times!

    Isn't it amazing how this prophecy points clearly to 1914! -------------------------- IF "times" actually mean years, If those years actually mean

    360 day/lunar years, IF those "days" actually stand for full 365 day/solar years, IF the Times really started in 607BCE (depending on

    'worldly' chronology - to the present), IF Jesus actually was referring to the Dream Tree in Daniel, etc.

    When you pile up a mountain of assumptions to create a "prophecy", it ain't much of a prophecy any more.

    (and, while we're at it - I could never get a clear explanation how Germany and its allies fighting for world domination

    had anything to do with Jesus invisibly claiming rulership?? )

    There is a concept in the dictionary called "coincidence" - it refers to the real coexistence of things appearing to be related

    BUT ARE NOT! That's what "coincidence" is!

    Another fake prophecy? "nation will rise against nation"! IT DOESN'T SAY that the wars MUST involve EVERY nation on earth,

    does it? Wars happen all the time, --- People are READING WORLD WARS into what the text simply says.

    The whole "last days" view isn't a prophecy because it fails to set a TIME LIMIT for fufillment. If a bunch of goof-ball religious

    magazine peddlers predict Armageddon for a HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS, i'd say your odds are good you will encounter

    some wars, pestilences, problems with crime and economic troubles over that period. With no "generation" to limit the "fufillment",

    the "prophecy" falls apart - it isn't miraculous information.

    The same goes for "Peace and Security" - as prophecy, this is utter nonsense. If the world is full of war, Witnesses will say

    "Armageddon is Soon!" ---- and of course, if the combatants negotiate peace, then ( you knew this was coming!), Witnesses

    say "Armageddon is Soon". It has no objective basis at all. One size fits all, in prophecy-land!

    Need I go on? If a "King of the North" appears, The End is Near ---- yet, if the "King of the North" vanishes completely from

    the world scene, somehow The End is Still Near !

    If you disagree with the above, I'd just like to say

    that I can sell you a beautiful bridge in Brooklyn --- very reasonably! It just came on the market! Buy Now!


  • figureheaduk

    False prophets that have ruined lives and destryoed familis along the way..... that's all they ever will be to me

  • figureheaduk

    Damn my typing's getting bad lately!

  • JeffT

    Their other favorite trick is to apply some obscure passage in the Bible to themselves, then claim that it proves that a prophecy has been fullfilled.

    The real problem kicks in when people (with the encouragement of the WTBS) base their lives on this nonsense. How many people of passed up college, good jobs, decent places to live etc all because some guys told them that the world was going to end any day now.

  • shamus

    Hear Hear!

  • peacefulpete

    It's not even completely accurate to say "coincidence" as the "prophecies" were "discerned" after the "fullfillment". Even the 1914 date was not a "coincidence" as WW1 was not predicted, Armagedon was. In fact the war began in 1913 it escalated in 1914-15. The WT explanation is that Satan KNEW the date and began the war early to distract the world from the invisible coming of Jesus. As if a person needed to be distracted to not see an invisible event. These are clever reinterpretations of misapplications of misunderstandings of mistranslated misguided mythic propaganda.

  • metatron

    I really like that last phrase!

  • Sentinel

    I truly understand what you mean when you say "things are taken out of context". That was a big thing with me, and one of the major reasons why I knew in my heart "they" were wrong many years ago. They look at the bible as if it were written by them and for them. They use the text to their own advantage. They had an answer for everything.

    How can they know whether something in there is prophecy or just somebody's "dream" because they ate too many figs or had a bit too much wine? How can they know to whom it might apply? They don't. They speculate. Even the life of Jesus is not complete. No doubt, he was a good person and may have even been a spiritual guide. Too much has been left out. If a message is important, why not just say it right out? Why are the secretive language of the day?

    I keep a bible near my bedstand, and sometimes I just like to open it at random and read a bit. I look at the whole thing as more of just "interesting reading" than anything else. Sometimes, information hits me square in the face. For instance, in the beginning of many of the books, there is a preface that explains who the author is or "might be"...if there also might be more than one person's writtings under one name. This makes no sense to me. No one knows the facts for certain, so why so much credence to this book? I will never understand. If anything, it is a confusing mix-mash of statements, ideals and examples for an ancient people, that may or may not have ever intended to be used by other societies of people.

  • wannaexit


    I love your posts and your logic.


  • metatron


    I wanna put one together on the Watchtower's obstruction of intimacy with God - by mistranslation.


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