The "faithful slave" urges confession in latest Watchtower!

by The Searcher 43 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Crazyguy

    This cult is becoming more and more old Roman Catholic everyday

  • fastJehu


    Where is the dividing line between a serious sin and not so serious sin?

    It's a watchtower homemade "line".

    It's not bible-based.

  • EugeneK71

    Where is the dividing line between a serious sin and not so serious sin? - Organized book, pp. 138-139.

    For Organized book, the line between serious and not : It is not a serious sin, if it does not need a judicial committee. And you don't "need" to tell. but...

    And the misunderstanding of the Elders about chapter 5 in Elders Book. They demand the confession of any action that comes to their ear. Or they suspect serious things. Even when it has already been proved that nothing serious has happened. And when they got the confessions, they just tried to guilt people. And take people for idiots and weak, even for past and fortuitous actions.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I like the process that was used in the Baptist church I grew up in, in Sunday morning service. The minister is preaching a sermon of fire and damnation so you know the folks that sin Saturday night, they were the ones running down the aisle, across the pulpit and screaming forgive me Father. Sooo that was it, no need to go before the deacons or minister everyone knows you sinned...Most folks ran down the aisles no big deal..

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