Need Help Designing a JW Barbie Doll

by worldlygirl 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • worldlygirl

    When I saw Englishman's post about a theme for his "Barbie", I thought he meant Barbie Doll. DUH!! Anyway, I was thinking what a JW Barbie would look like. So far, I know she should have polyester dresses (below the knees, of course) and wear flats - none of those worldly high heels. Her legs should be fused together, at least from the knees up. No Barbie Corvette, either . . . maybe a Buick Station Wagon. And, of course, she would carry a briefcase rather than a fashionable purse. It would need to be made clear to the consumer purchasing JW Barbie that she and JW Ken should never, never be left alone unsupervised. As for that Barbie Townhouse, that could serve as a mini-Bethel - just add printing presses. Any more ideas??

  • Spudinator

    How about both Barbie and Ken having their Convention Lapel Cards firmly attached to their dress clothing AT ALL TIMES?!

  • Sentinel

    She should be a talking Barbie, but only be able to say this: "I can only speak if your not df'd".

  • worldlygirl

    Hey, Talking JW Barbie is a great idea! Maybe there should be a Disfellowshipped/Evil/Worldly Barbie, too. No, nevermind, she would be exactly like the regular Barbie they've been selling for years.

  • gitasatsangha

    Might I sugges some underwear for the JW Barbie:

    As an 10 year old I wouldda traded all my GI Joe's for this! (But in typical JW fashion, mom mae me throw away the guns when I bought GI Joe's so her conscience would feel better)

    Yes honey, I'll be right down for the family book study. Just a sec!

    Complete with sideways vagina.

    She accepts proper headship at all times of the day.

  • Spudinator

    This is probably more what Worldlygirl had in mind:

  • TresHappy

    Perhaps there could be Pioneer Barbie, but her bookbag is an accessory and is sold separately. She couldn't go out in service in Barbie's convertible, because it has only two doors and wouldn't be spiritual. Elder Ken would browbeat his wife and make Barbie be submissive, and Ken would have a janitorial service.

  • NaruNaruChan

    repaint her facial expression to look miserable when it s not facing other worldly barbies and happy when it's facing worldly people.. that whole image is everything spin.. hee hee .

  • Stephanus

    The bookbag accessory would be difficult to keep up with - every time there's new light it'd have to be emptied of the old stuff and refilled with new books. Keeping up with the monthly "donations" for a supply of Towers and Awake!s for Barbie's field service might be beyond the pocket money of the average small girl.

  • Mary

    She also needs some Prozac in her Service Case, along with Ken's already-maxed-out-Visa. In addition, she needs a city map showing where all the garage sales are on Saturday mornings and the latest copy of Martha Stewart Living.

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