"If I wasn't born a JW, I would never have become one."

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  • new boy
    new boy

    It's true!

    Nothing makes more JWS than JWs having sex with other JWS! Now take it one step further.

    I guessing that 2/3 of all JWs "born" stay in (put in whatever percentage you like) , So if you are born in you have over a 60% of surviving gods day of wrath.

    However since there are 7. 4 million JWs and 7.4 billion worldly people what are your odds?..

    So if you were not "born in" you have only 1 in a 1000 change of making it! So why did he give you a better chance of avoiding his rage than the worldly guy?

  • Athanasius

    JWism never really appealed to me. So had the JWs come to my door, I'd have politely said "no thank you."

    Unfortunately my mom had converted four years before I was born and was very devout and raised my sister and me in the religion. My dad wasn't religious, so JWism never appealed to him. But having a non-JW father gave more freedom than my JW friends who had both parents in the cult. I could watch TV shows, see movies, and read books that were forbidden other JWs. I even attended college, something denied to my JW friends.

    Perhaps because I had it so easy, I didn't leave the JWs at 21 like many other born ins. I didn't walk away from the cult until I was 37. Unfortunately it did cost me my marriage.

  • fizzle

    This is a great post guys.

    im a 3rd gen born in.

    I was baptised at 16, an MS at 21, an elder at 30 (no longer serving). I kind of just went along with what I was "supposed" to do... I got baptised because others my age were getting baptised - I reached out because others were etc...

    I started waking up because one day I started thinking about how people in all the other religions believe that they have the "truth" and that I was no different to them.

    It was only after starting to think this that my rose tinted glasses fell off and i realised how strange the organisation actually is... There is no way the GB are chosen by God!! I started to see how my local elders are completely incapable of running a congregation (where is the holy spirits help?) and that all new ones coming into the "truth" are very "needy" or not mentally stable... There are no "normal" people joining - not that I can see anyway.

    I'm still trying to work out a way out over the coming years as all of my family are in ... Hopefully I'll find a way out one day.

    fizzle :)

  • ttdtt
    Me as well - though if I were back in the 70's pre internet pre information days - who know.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    No way in the hell would I had become a JW if it wasn't for the ex wife. She

    felt a cult would save our marriage, surprise it didn't work. We both were raised Baptist.

  • atomant
    lts all hog wash.The witnesses believe that they will be the only ones saved at harmageddon.What a load of absolute crapology.The old saying bullshit baffles brains certainly applies with them lot.The problem is they all believe their own bullshit.There is approx 7 billion non witnesses at the moment that according to the them lot they will all die.The lucky ones having been born into the sect and baptized will be saved.in essence this makes the sect a lucky lottery because l can assure anyone that the majority of born in jdubs would certainly not have become one otherwise.
  • Spiral

    "Magnum: Back when I was in my late teens and early 20's and I was questioning/seeking (late 70's & early 80's), JWs seemed more normal and they seemed to make sense. They could answer most of my questions (but not the really big ones). I had friends who went to church and literally didn't even know what the books of the Bible were. I also observed church on TV, and what I saw was a shallow, phony, money-grabbing joke. This put me in the frame of mind to accept JWs. They seemed to really study the Bible; they weren't "churchy".

    Also, I loved the idea of a paradise earth wherein there would be no more suffering and injustice. The JWs back then seemed more intelligent and knowledgeable, the literature seemed deeper and more scholarly, and the org seemed more serious and dignified. Information about the real history of JWs was not readily available."

    This is what kept me in "the Truth"(TM) for awhile.... back then everyone did seem more normal and less "churchy". Now I just can't stand it - I never wanted to be in a fundamentalist church! The only way I stayed in was because it wasn't a fundy church..... now of course that's exactly what it is.

  • slimboyfat
    If I hadn't converted to JWs at 13 years of age then I sure as hell would never have been born as one.
  • cliff

    I don't know why this in not more generally observed with ALL religions!

    Most folks follow the parental and local culture, all over the world.

    Imagine, if you can, a world without faiths. Would the next generations suddenly (re-)invent them all?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    No way in hell.

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