ARC recommendations. Read for yourselves

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  • Vidiot

    @ zeb...

    I hit the 'C' key twice.


  • zeb

    "alternative service" witnessing ... what does this mean please?

    And, at this time If I may offer an analysis here as the wt seems to absorbed the shock of the ARC and there is little indication in the US to push for some thing like it there and in view of the rake the money home, the law suits they defend (!) I feel the wts is shrinking and as the results of the ARC has more effects the wt will

    internationally shrink and it will become further and further a 'church' of only American significance.

    I may be wrong but looks to me where it is heading. and leaving a trail of shattered marriages, families and lives in its wake.

  • Vidiot

    @ zeb...

    "...'Alternative service'...?"

    Things like phone witnessing... or only going in service being accompanied by an elder... stuff like that.

    You think that was originally created for handicapped people or somesuch?


    It was a (failed, IMO) attempt to mitigate the possibility of pedophiles going door-to-door without tipping off the R&F that there was a problem.

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