Knock Knock

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  • JH

    Jehovah Witness Deterrent

  • Reborn2002

    LOL I had seen this very same picture with a JW punch line attached before. This has been done previously. The picture is taken from the film "Scary Movie" I believe.

  • obiwan

    LMAO!!! JH, could it be possible that you have too much time on your hands? How long did it take you to find that?

    Now the real question, did she take a look around her to see if anyone was watching and then fondle them? A real jw woman would have flat passed out, or she would have turned to her husband and said why don't yours look like that? Boy did I need that laugh!

  • Reborn2002

    Boy,no one can accuse that guy of not having the "balls" to do something.

  • obiwan

    I've heard the term "swing low", but come on.

  • riz

    holy huge balls, batman! so that's what elephantitis of the nutz looks like...

  • SpunkyChick

    How's it hanging bro? Hehehe, great pic

  • Kenneson


  • Francois

    We had something like that in our ladies restroom in our frat house (Pi Kappa Phi). It was a statue of a guy who had a big leaf over his manly bits. What the new ladies didn't know was that leaf was wired up to a huge electric bell that could be heard from about a half mile away.

    The uninitiated lady would go in there and all the guys would pile up around the door to the ladies room, and sure enough rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring went that bell. But we were as quiet as little mice...until the lady tried to sneak out of the bathroom. THEN we got rowdy and made all sorts of noise and loud invitations and accusations and a grand time was had by all...except the lady in question. Some were good sports about it all. Some were sort of put out. And one girl came out of there in tears. Ah, human nature. Ain't it grand?


  • Dansk

    Jehovah Witness Deterrent

    Put me down for one!


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