Our Christian Life And Ministry Answers

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  • StarryNight9

    eeeeeeeeeeew... now I wished I hadn't taken a peek at that particular set of workbooks. October 15th through November 4th are cringe-worthy. Here's my paraphrased summary:

    October 1-7: You have to trust us!

    October 8-14: Forgive people.

    October 15-21: You're a nobody! Obey and do more! Don't retaliate!

    October 22-28: Stay away from the scary worldly people!

    October 29 - November 4: What we say is true (now go preach it)! Don't share anything false (ie - what we say is false).

    How afraid do you have to be of losing people to put this out every week?

  • Sanchy

    you can find the answers on jwfacts.com

  • steve2

    Wouldn't your urgent question be better aimed at actual JW websites?

  • out4good4

    Sounds to me like he's trying to get those answer so that he can infiltrate a real JW website.

  • slimboyfat

    On this website we prefer questions we can’t answer over answers we can’t question.

  • scruffmcbuff

    The heck is this? Is this a new dub thing?

  • HiddlesWife

    bola=> Why are you on this particular website and knowing full well (if you are aware of this) that the regular posters here in addition to the Moderator, are not in support of WT! (and I agree with Sanchy, steve2, out4good4, slimboyfat and scruffmcbuff).

  • carla

    Why doesn't she just use middle age fog as an excuse? "O Clam! I forgot!"

  • StarryNight9
    scruffmcbuff: "The heck is this? Is this a new dub thing?"

    If you're referring the "Our Christian Life and Ministry" workbooks... It's like a super dumbed-down version of the old "Kingdom Ministry". I'd place the discussion/material at a 3rd grade level. For one of the sections, the entire KH watches a video demonstrating how to do a call with an incredibly stupid/agreeable house-holder.

  • scruffmcbuff

    Starrynight: thanks, id never even heard of it. What a joke. It was stupidly simple back when i was in. One could rush to find the answers in a couple of mins.

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