The Trials of Living Alone

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  • Kep

    I lived alone for about 12 months.

    This was during my adjustment and recovery period after being kicked out of the church.

    My family were still hardcore Joho's and lived a good 5 hour drive from where I lived.

    The solitude was fantastic. I was able to accept myself for what I had done, and what I had become.

    I guess it was a form of therapy for me, I also had some amazing lyrics and songs run thru my head.

    Yeah, I know the feeling Viv, coffee and smoke and no one to enjoy the simple pleasure of it with.

    I needed that time alone, at even had my sister visit for a week as she began her exit from the borg. That was good.

    Now... I am totally on another tangent.

    I have a wonderful partner and 2 little 'uns who keep my feet on the ground.


  • azaria

    Razorblade: Are you my husband? I didn't know you got a bird?

    Seriously I left my husband 7 months ago and I am so happy that I made the decision. I'm much happier, content. The first 6 months I never felt lonely, just lately more so. I can relate about the coffee. I had to leave not just for myself, but for the sake of the kids. Thankfully my husband and I are friendly. But would I go back? I don't think so. I remember why I left.

  • COMF

    I live with myself. I like it this way.

    I know the joys of having loved ones around you, and they are true joys indeed. But I have raised my children, and they are on their own now, and I find that I am often at my very happiest when I'm alone. I have friends over to visit, and girlfriends who spend the night or part of the weekend, and with whom I make plans, and cook together, and plan and work projects together. But after being in the company of people for a while I always start wanting to be alone. Company is essential, but eventually it has an effect that I call "draining my spiritual energy", and I have to be alone for a while to recharge.

    I haven't given up the idea that someday I could find a woman with whom I would want to live, permanently. But then, I haven't given up the idea that God may yet make everything clear, either. It's just that I'm not sitting around waiting for either one to happen. There's a life to be lived, and I'm living it.

  • Aztec

    "I would have thought it unwise for anyone on this site who lives alone to declare it to a bunch of strangers!" Yes, Sirona, but Rayzor has an attack bird...LOL! Sorry Ray. :p I have lived on my own since I was 19. Almost a third of my life. I currently live with my sister but she gets on my nerves to no end. I guess that's why I am moving out next month. I like my ME time. :) Of course I've lived with my son for the last 7 years but he is the only person I really care to cuddle with most days. The article talked about lack of physical closeness, I would say having a child is the exception. I get plenty of physical (wrestling) contact...LOL! Wouldn't mind more CLOSE physical contact though. ;) ~Aztec

  • SYN

    Hehe, Ray has an attack budgie

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